Spent this morning not in the office, but at Putrajaya.

No Monday blues today, since I took the day off to enjoy the 4-days long weekend (from past Saturday till tomorrow). Tomorrow is Wesak Day, hence it is a public holiday. Nice. Eventhough I’m on break today, but I had to wake up early in the morning to go to Putrajaya alone to settle some matters with the authority. It’s always feeling great visiting the city which took approximately 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital or popularly known as the garden city, houses most of the federal government offices including the official office and residence of the Prime Minister. Hence, we don’t usually get there unless we are government workers or we had something to deal with the governmental bodies or organizations. This morning, I went to the National Registration Department. A lot of people were there and I was worried that this is going to take a long time. Fortunately, the efficiency of the staff improves from what I observed compared to the past and I had my stuff done in less than two hours. That’s considered a good record when you deal with Malaysia’s government offices. The staffs are friendly and very helpful too and surprisingly, most counters are opened (usually over half are closed).

After having my stuff surprisingly done quite fast this morning, I took the opportunity to take some photographs of the city looking from the middle of the city’s main boulevard.




You see a straight stretch of vast road with plaza in the middle that ends with Perdana Putra Building (Prime Minister’s Office) at the north and Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) at the south. It’s a strategically planned city back decades ago and I’m quite happy with the outcome. We see some beautiful architecture and built environment. However, when we think further as to how does this city comes or built from; the people’s burdening income tax. Then, we turned from being overwhelmed to being sad or even angry at some point.

Why? To be honest with you, Malaysia is just a small country. We don’t actually needs a city specifically built to house all federal government buildings. A city of this scale is only relevant to superpower nations like US, China, Russia, etc. Hence, even when Putrajaya came to reality many years ago, people are still questioning on its necessity and the waste of money for it till now. Well, what to do? They wanted to show off. Currently, many parts of Putrajaya are still not developed yet. Hmm…no point voicing out my frustration further. We can’t change anything. What we can do now is just to be amazed and fascinated by Putrajaya’s beauty and grandeur. Of course it must be, since huge amount of money had been put into this. Putrajaya, Garden City City of People’s Money. Haha….it’s true.

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