Movie review: The Lego Movie (2014)

Being the highest rated best animated film so far this year with 96% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes and 8.2 score out of 10 from IMDB, ‘The Lego Movie’ is a movie I’m not going to miss. It is released early this year and at first, I don’t have any interest to watch this lego-themed animated film after looking on its trailer which seems a bit mess-up to me. However, after noticing the overwhelming positive feedbacks it received, I’m going to check this out, and I was surprisingly amazed by the film. It is really good.


‘The Lego Movie’ revolves on an ordinary construction worker named Emmet, thought to be the prophesied worker ‘Special’, whom is recruited to join a quest together with fellow master builders to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis. This movie is not here to entertain us with dumb fun, but instead providing us with such a solid and thought-provoking story. Hence, this film is all nice to both adults and children. The storyline is very engaging, coupled with no boring scenes and plenty of hilarious moments for me to spend off Monday’s night nicely.

Everything is just good for this animated movie which features all star voice casting like Chris Pratt (as Emmet), Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, etc. A challenging quest lead by a surprisingly ‘nobody’ whom turns things into a thrilling, entertaining and interesting journey to take down the evil plan. Who wouldn’t like it? The story is in perfect balance; combining exciting actions, funny scenes, a bit of romance (I don’t like more of this element), fast-paced plot development, great voice acting, and good graphics into a wonderful outcome. Also not to forget creative directing and script.



Ahh, we also saw Lego version of ‘Batman’, ‘Superman’, ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Dumbledore’, ‘Gandalf’, ‘Abraham Lincoln’, etc and their appearances (except Batman) are short but utterly hilarious. The ‘bad cop’ is interesting too. Well, I have to say that this animated film sets another new standard. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The Lego Movie’ took home the Best Animated Feature Film award in Oscars next year. Everything is almost perfectly well from this film. No flaws or anything. Maybe a bit if I am to scratch deeper. Awesome track too; ‘Everything is awesome!’. That also summarizes how I feel of this movie. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Lego Movie’ a total of 8.1. They are going to make a sequel for this and I’m looking forward to it.

I seldom played Lego during my childhood years. Hence, I may find myself not so attached to this movie, but I still gave a very positive review for it. If you really love this game and always imagining life coming to reality for those Lego toy bricks back in those days, then you would certainly enjoy ‘The Lego Movie’ over the top.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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