Farewell to LCCT, KLIA2 now fully opened.

KLIA2 (stands for Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2) is finally opened early this month after years of problems like increasing budget, construction delays and multiple defects in the past. This new terminal that could handle 45 million passengers per year (in comparison to 25 million for KLIA and 15 million for LCCT) is specially built to accommodate increasing usage of low-cost carriers locally and internationally. With its biggest user, AirAsia moving in to the new airport today, it’s time to say goodbye to LCCT! LCCT, you are now out of the picture! It will be now changed to a cargo terminal.

LCCT (low-cost carrier terminal) situated nearby KLIA too had been operating for around 8 years. It is more like a huge factory building, with poor facilities (air-conditioning, counters, etc). I have been there several times. I always feel not comfortable and suffocating inside LCCT, as it is always crowded with people. AirAsia is expanding so quick that the terminal couldn’t hold the increasing volume of passengers anymore. Hence, there came the idea and realization of KLIA2. Yup…Malaysians are now in favour more on low-cost flight than spending extra on Malaysia Airlines, especially now after the MH370 incident. KLIA now must be emptier than ever.

Except than the predicted chaos on the first few days of KLIA2’s operation (typical to newly opening airport), the new airport has been receiving very positive feedbacks. The huge terminal (measured to be over 250 000 square metres) is now very spacious and looks contemporary (this is what airport should looks like even for low-cost usage). The facilities are all good (I hope it lasts long). And the best thing of this new airport is that it has over 30 000 square metres of space for over 220 retail outlets too. Hence, you would feel like you are in a mall rather than in an airport. Enjoy and relax before or after your flight.










I still didn’t know whether all the retail spaces (shops and restaurants) have been fully opened as I have not been there yet. Kindly update me if you have visited the airport. But just by looking at the pictures above, the airport looks great! I think I would be heading there on this coming Hari Raya break for an oversea trip. Still in planning now. Anyway, the airport also has over 6000 covered parking lots as compared to the 3000 outdoor parking lots from LCCT last time. That’s a double increase. Good. Last time, everytime I was leaving LCCT, I would see extremely long stretch of cars parked by the side of the roads leading to the terminal as far as 1 kilometre away. Crazy.

It’s a good thing that KLIA2 (built at a cost of approximately RM 4 billion) is now fully operational. It is the world’s largest airport purposely built to cater for low-cost carriers and it is designed also with future capacity expansion capability. It has 60 depature gates, 8 remote stands, 80 aerobridges, and a new 4-km long airplane runway. The terminal comes with a 141.3 metres tall air traffic control tower, making it the tallest of its kind in the world too. The main terminal building is connected with its satellite piers with a skybridge, making it the first airport in Asia of such facility. KLIA2 is connected to KLIA (2-km away) by a railway line. The airport is also certified in Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). That’s some of the achievements for KLIA2.

Looking forward to visit this new airport terminal soon. You may share your first time experience in KLIA2 at here too. And last but not least; Bye, LCCT!

(Information and images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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