Entertaining weekend, thanks to the countless comedy talk shows I watched from YouTube.

It was very unusual. It was superbly heavy thunderstorm just now at around 5 in the afternoon. I’m already expecting the worst from the traffic on roads. It must be congestion everywhere and also flood (forever a problem here in KL despite we already having a SMART Tunnel). But I was very surprised to see that there isn’t any long traffic crawl, and cars on roads were even lesser than typical days on this peak hour. Perhaps, many decided to avoid the traffic by staying back late in the office, while I make a risky decision to leave early, and there goes my lucky day; I reached home early.

Back to the topic. Yup…my past weekend had been quite entertaining despite I’m not going out anywhere. Who says you can’t have fun at home? And my dad went into my room as he is curious on why am I laughing so hard in the middle of the night. Sorry for making a bit of noise. I couldn’t control it, as I was watching some seriously funny stand-up comedy talk shows, each by different talented individuals from various countries. Really great jokes and I had a great time. And I didn’t even know that it’s already midnight (have spent few hours watching without realizing the time).


The first comedian I wish to mention is Kumar. He is a Singaporean, an Indian. Not only he is famous for delivering comedy talk shows touching on sensitive issues like sex, politics and races, he is also popular for his cross-dressing and ‘drag queen’ image. He dares to take the risk to talk on these sensitive topics and I respect his openness which even helps to boost his career further. Since his topics are on Singapore (of which many are similarly happening here in Malaysia and sometimes he even compared the two countries), his content are mostly getting close to us too. He can just make fun of anything without the worry of hurting anyone.

Next on the list of stand-up comedians I wish to highlight is Ellen DeGeneres. She had been the host to her own comedy programme in US, and also she had just recently hosted the Academy Awards to a huge success. What I like about her is her ability to just make a simple sentence funny. Whenever she interviews a famous celebrity, she could intervene with her hilarious remarks easily and all that put off to a great laugh without any single failure I have ever observed. I also like some of her programme’s segments like sharing out awkward auto-correct errors on smartphones nowadays, hilarious photos or signboards, and sometimes her own games.

Next is Dayo Wong. Well, he is now considered a veteran TVB actor (can’t believe he is over 50 years old) and had just won Best Actor on TVB Anniversary Awards last year. Not only that he is talented in acting on dramas, he is also professional on presenting comedy talk shows (had organized many shows in Hong Kong and if I’m not mistaken, in Malaysia too). Well, he speaks Cantonese, and I speak Cantonese too. Hence, very much familiarity to what he wanted to say eventhough some issues are only targeting Hong Kong people themselves.

Well, Malaysia has own comedians too, like Douglas Lim and Harith Iskandar. I first heard of Douglas Lim when he made a spoof of the popular Cantonese song by Beyond and turned it into her expression of frustration towards K-Pop, hence renaming his own rendition of the song to ‘I Hate K-Pop’. Well, I myself hate K-Pop too and prefer the classic Cantopop like him. Honestly, I had a great laugh listening closely to his lyrics. Very well said, and I can laugh even having listened to the same thing over and over again. How crazy it is. While for Harith, I remembered I laughed until I almost cried many months ago on a part when he talked on having CSI Malaysia and what would happens then. Really hilarious. Couldn’t find the video anymore when I searched for it yesterday.


What a better way to get rid of Monday blues (Monday pressure) by watching these stand-up comedy talk shows again tonight?! Bye…

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



One Response to “Entertaining weekend, thanks to the countless comedy talk shows I watched from YouTube.”

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