A year to Milan 2015 World Expo. A quick glimpse into Malaysia Pavilion’s design.

The extravagant Shanghai World Expo back in 2010 had increased worldwide attention to this event known as the Universal Exposition. Held once in every five years, the expo gathers countries and organizations from across the world to present what they could offer in present or future generation through various themes, usually carrying distinctiveness and symbol of their respective countries. The next World Expo would be held in 2015 on Milan from 1st May to 31st October for a duration of six months. Hence, the countdown of a year to the event had just started. Official website of this expo: http://www.expo2015.org/en.

This coming event, themed ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ embraces technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and how they relate to food and diet. Expo 2015 will have a principal focus on the right to healthy, secure and sufficient food for all the world’s inhabitants. Over 140 countries and 10 organizations will be taking part on this expo, securing the global event to become the highlight of next year. And as usual, there will be a lot of pavilions of respective countries or organizations built for the expo which most will be demolished after the event, and all eyes are starting to look into the design of the pavilions.

And the first thing on my mind is that how would my country’s pavilion looks like this time? It was a complete eye-sore and failure for Malaysia Pavilion back in Shanghai 2010 World Expo. (refer image below)


Ugly and terrible! A traditional-looked building topped by a giant Minangkabau roof with horrendous colour made it easily the worst-looking pavilion back in that expo. I searched yesterday for the design of our country’s pavilion for Milan 2015 and finally, something is right this time. Details are not revealed or officially confirmed yet, but I guess it’s very high probability that the design will be like this for Malaysia Pavilion in Milan 2015 World Expo:

milan 2015 malaysia

The design is a joint collaboration between FOCUS Architects, KL Superstudio and PICO International of which the latter have had countless past experience of designing pavilions or exhibition booths for various countries or organizations. Malaysia’s interpretation of the core Expo’s theme is ‘Towards A Sustainable Food Ecosystem’. The pavilion will offers fascinating journey from tradition to innovation and will explore an economic transformation plan which will propel Malaysia’s small agricultural sector into a large-scale high-income industry that contributes to the global struggle against poverty.

milan 2015 malaysia3

milan 2015 malaysia2

What is your first impression of the design? Looks great and much better right? At least it looks modern and doesn’t reflect our country being so outdated anymore (as seen in Shanghai 2010). I like the simplicity and fluidity of the form, yet containing interesting circulation pattern and exciting content to offer inside to visitors. Based on the theme of ‘Seed of Change’, you can quite obviously the form is derived from the look of a seed, particularly of paddy (rice), which is the staple food for most of world’s population especially in Asia. How do I know all these? Just check out the E-book containing some details of this pavilion here: http://issuu.com/sesiseni/docs/expo_report_final_r00.

I hope this will be confirmed design. If it is so, then I will be among the first to post details of the pavilion in my blog here. Anyway, it’s really cool-looking.


UPDATE (20 May 2014)

The design has been revised but still maintains the original ‘seed’ concept as highlighted in this post earlier. But the architect behind this has now changed to Hijjas Kasturi Associates.



Still looks good, but I prefer the original design. Here’s the website and more information from this confirmed design of the Malaysia Pavilion for Milan 2015 World Expo: http://www.malaysiapavilion2015.com.my/.

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