Entering another new month…Happy Labor Day!

We have now entered to the month of May! On this month back in 2012, I made my first step into my architecture career. Time flies,…and now, I have been working for two years already and I’m happy to have equip myself with some useful working experience in this highly challenging profession. There is still more to learn, but I will start re-organizing my plans ahead now as my mission to continue on my master study is still present. Will share more on my exposure from my first two years in architecture career later this month.



(Image source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/)

Now, let us all take a break and enjoy the first day of the month in the middle of the week since it is May 1st, the Labor Day! Keep away your work and the job’s stress for a day. Relax and have fun, before getting ready for another long month. It’s been quite some time since we last observed a public holiday. Many have even decided to take tomorrow off too so that they can enjoy a four-day long weekend. I didn’t apply for that additional leave, as I love to keep them for a lengthy break in near future for my trips. Anyway, after this holiday, there would be another one coming soon too (Wesak Day). Nice month then. Haha…been pressured with the absence of holiday for the past two months.

Yes, time to switch to another city for the image of the blog’s header for the month. We have seen Shanghai on March, and then New York City on April. Now, it’s time for Hong Kong. If you didn’t know, beginning from March till July this year, my blog’s header for respective month would be displaying the five best skylines of the world. This ranking is based on accumulative analysis and polls I searched throughout the internet on this particular topic. Right now, three have been revealed. Two more to go, and you will get the full list once July arrives. You can easily guess it if you also do a bit of research. It’s interesting, especially when you first stumbled upon some fantastic photographs captured on those beautiful city skylines anywhere on the internet.


Hong Kong is no doubt the ‘king’ of skylines. It is placed 1st in most rankings out there, and I couldn’t agree more. I have once been to this city for a short while and I was in awe of such great skyline the city can offers. The outcome is speechless. I would love to drop by at the city again in near future to enjoy the panoramic view both in the morning, and also at night when most buildings are illuminated brightly. Back in my place, Kuala Lumpur, the city has quite a lot of highrises too, but most are dark and appear invisible at night. It’s like our city is celebrating Earth Hour every night except the glaring Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. Good to save electricity, but not good if you want to present the city well at night.

By the way, Happy Labor Day once again! Enjoy the break!



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