Movie review: Rio 2 (2014)

The first ‘Rio’ is a good one. So I don’t think its sequel would be disappointment. And yes, I was right. I had fun watching it. Well, I was referring to ‘Rio 2’, the sequel to the 2011’s Rio that focuses on Blu and Jewel, a sweet pair of blue macaws in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (hence the movie’s title). In this sequel, they travelled to Amazon alongside with their three kids to help their human friends to find the additional macaws they discovered while facing the return of their previous enemy, Nigel and also a huge illegal logging team headed by a ruthless leader.


The story is an interesting one despite sets further away from Rio de Janeiro this time. The macaws’ adventure at the Amazon was a good one and I enjoyed it. There are many sub-plots going on (seeing Blu and Jewel as the parents now, Blu being too attached to human lifetstyle, Blu’s relationship with his father-in-law that didn’t go well in the beginning, Blu’s jealousy of Jewel’s childhood friend, Blu’s adaptation to Amazon, blue macaws’ conflict with the red macaws, Nigel’s new team to take revenge but is always foiled hilariously, Jewel’s father’s hatred to humans, and the presence of the big bad boss of the illegal logging team) combined for a wonderful and colourful adventure in the new setting; Amazon. Many things going on, and still it goes smoothly and easily understandable.

No room to judge acting skill here since this is an animated film. However, the voice over by all the casts looks great particularly Jesse Eisenberg as Blu and Kristin Chenoweth as Gabi, the frog that is Nigel’s sidekick. While on the other hand, the visuals look great and stunning. I can easily get annoyed with musical elements (singing and dancing) in a movie but not from this one. I find it fun, energetic and vibrant to watch instead. Also not to forget many funny scenes throughout the film that can give us (even adults) a good laugh. I’m sure kids will love this. Should recommend my sister to bring his son to watch this too.



Nigel and Gabi is the funniest pair to watch here. They are not just evil. Their presence here made things go better. As for the Blu and Jewel’s three kids, I wish for more emphasis on them. Maybe they could help out with significant roles in this, like maybe to track down the bad guys, but turned out only to be a mere addition to the already heavy number of characters. And Bruno Mars is even here voicing out as Roberto, one of the new supporting characters.

The movie is entertaining all along. Well, I couldn’t say this is exciting since there isn’t any serious dangers or problems going on to the birds, not until the last fifteen minutes of the movie where climax finally comes. No worries. There isn’t any boring moments either. Everything goes dramatic and progresses well, and finally to a happy ending as expected for a light animated film like this. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Rio 2’ a total of 7.4. Rio 2 is promising as a more colourful, busier, and delightful animated film. It’s slightly better than its predecessor. Go watch it if you haven’t.

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