Absence of nice series recently had me returning back to Runescape.

Sad to say that there isn’t any good TVB series aired recently. Those currently airing aren’t appealing to me. The last series I watched is ‘Storm in a Cocoon’ starring Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung. That was surprisingly a good drama. Now, I have plenty of time at night after work and on weekend, and I’m looking forward to get something else nice and entertaining to do before the next appealing series comes in. And the first thing on my mind to spend off my time now is ‘Runescape’.

If you didn’t know, ‘Runescape’ is a MMPORG (stands for Massively Multi-Player Online Role-playing Game) I started playing many years ago. After a year or two, I quit. The reason is that I’m not a member (pay-to-play) and many content of the games are limited to us in free-to-play browser (that’s typical since we didn’t pay a single cent for it). So, it started to get boring after some time. Then, I stopped for like two years. And when I returned to the game this time, things appear to be refreshingly new back. Now called ‘Runescape 3’, the games is enhanced with stunning graphics and effects, more possibilities of actions and even bigger in-game world for free-to-play users.



(Image source: http://gotgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/runescape-3.jpg)

Most people would be playing Dota, Warcraft, football games or some random games from Facebook or from your smartphone. But I wouldn’t let ‘Runescape’ down since it has been my favourite game last time when I was still a teenager. In the game, I got to earn coins (and now I had over 8 million, but still not much compared to the wealthy players, but my goal now is to keep more than 10 million coins), training skills (combat, mining, smithing, woodcutting, fire-making, cooking, crafting, fishing, magic, prayer, etc) and exploring new stuff. I can immerse myself into my avatar of the game for like an hour or two at night which is quite helpful to get rid of my stress from work of the day.

To further enjoy the game, I recommend to have more contents provided to the free-to-play users too since that without us, ‘Runescape’ couldn’t claim itself to be the world’s largest MMPORG game to date. Or at least lowering down the membership fee, so that more would find it affordable (including me) to be member of the game to enjoy more features. I’m hoping that some Jagex moderators or staff could see this and take into their considerations on my suggestions. More feedbacks here; free-to-play users wanted to have more quests or challenges too, bigger in-game world, more valuable drops from killing monsters, etc. Please provide that while you still can maintain the exclusiveness of the members.

My total level is over 820 (as of now), and my combat is 135. That’s considered a medium-ranked player. How about you?Try the game if you haven’t. If you have played it before, you can share here on why you quit playing it. If you are still playing it now, you can comment here on how well your avatar is progressing in the game.



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