Milo Breakfast Day Run 2014

I think this is my first time joining a marathon. I got persuaded by my sister to join her for a family run on Milo Breakfast Day Run 2014 at Putrajaya this morning on 20th April. And for that, I have to get myself up from the bed on 5.30am. That’s a very hard and a suffering task. I have never been waking up this early for a long time already. The sun hasn’t even rises yet. Luckily we managed to reach there right on time by 7am (the time when the run is supposed to commence) after having difficulty of finding parking. And the run only began after 7.30am.


There were a lot of people, and all (almost everyone) were in green, wearing the Milo-brand shirt given before the run after each participants registered. There were two categories in the run. The first one is 7km long. My brother-in-law joined that and he won a medal since he finished off the run in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes which is the requirement for a medal. My cousin also won that since she is quite experienced in running for marathon too. It shouldn’t be hard for me too but I didn’t take part in this category as I have to accompany my sister and her two sons for the family run category which only covers 3km.


From this marathon, I got to see how the big-scale run looks like. I got to see people of all walks of life gathering together for a run or simply a walk. Group of friends, family with children or even babies, couples, elders, etc. Before the run began and when everyone is going to the start point, I was amazed by when everyone stopped while the national song is played. I’m glad I still see sign of unity, respect and love to the country. It’s an overwhelming scene eventhough nobody is actually singing it. I won’t too. At the start point, people basically couldn’t run as there were really too many people.

This run also gave me opportunity to enjoy looking at the architecture of many government buildings there since it took place at the main road in Putrajaya (the one that started from Prime Minister’s Office to Putrajaya International Convention Centre but our run actually starts at Perbadanan Putrajaya Building opposite the Palace of Justice). First time I passed by the few new highrises built there and I find that those highrises didn’t fit the setting there well despite carrying a bit of modern Islamic design characteristics. And most importantly, I can sweat out and gets a bit healthy from this run. I didn’t actually run. Just walk for the whole 3km since I have to look after my sister’s son along the route.

But that is still quite tiring. The run ended by receiving a goodie bag and we have to wait a very long queue just to get a cup of Milo to drink. Milo trucks were everywhere but all with long queues too. There were a lot of tents set up around there for activities and sale of food and drinks. But since we were all tired, we left early. It’s quite a wonderful experience as this is my first time joining a marathon. Next time, I think I’m going for a real marathon (maybe maximum 10 km long as I know my limit) but the only worry is that I don’t want to wake up so early. Haha…okay, now I need to have an afternoon nap. Bye…


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    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Been there also but arrive at the event at 6.30PM and park at Masjid Mizan car park.

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