Tragedy after a tragedy. A plane last month, a ship this month.

It’s been about 40 days since the Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 disappeared on its route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. And unfortunately, even till today, there is still no sign or any solid evidence linking to the aircraft discovered. 40 days have passed! This is getting really weird to me. Do you feel the same too? Despite advanced technology in present days, a single lost plane still couldn’t be found. Previously, there had been many reported sightings of debris from ships, planes or satellites, but they all appeared to be a false alarm. Some images taken were quite convincing, but still in the end turned out to be not related or that the objects couldn’t be found anymore in the same area as previously photographed.

All that must be certainly frustrating for everyone, especially to the family, relatives and friends of the passengers and crews on-board the ill-fated aircraft. People are still very concerned to find out the truth behind this very mysterious disappearance in the aviation history. Eventhough there were few occasions recently that sound from something underneath the southern Indian Ocean is detected, but the outcome is still negative. We have come to an early conclusion that all lives in the flight are presumed dead and that the plane crashed in the ocean as informed earlier by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Nevertheless, the search operations led by Australia now is still on-going in search for the plane and its black-box. Hoping that the truth will be known very soon.


The missing plane that carried mostly passengers from China had now sparked anger from their people, mostly due to the inefficiency of our authority in handling the matter and the misleading information provided to them. We saw series of protest and also boycott recently. Not long after that tragic accident, another incident involving China occurred in Malaysia again when a Chinese national is kidnapped in a resort at Semporna, Sabah over a week ago. This is worsening the ties between these two countries. Our authority couldn’t even provide safety to a young female tourist vacationing in our country. I understood why Chinese nationals hate us so much now. I apologized on behalf on our failed government.

Two pandas from China are supposed to arrive in Malaysia this month to stay here for ten years as an agreement made few years ago to mark the 60th anniversary of the friendship between Malaysia and China. However, both pandas are now scheduled to arrive next month as the priority now is to search for the blackbox of the missing aircraft. I’m now hoping that our authority to seriously take good care of the pandas and not let anything bad happened to them. The pandas are China’s treasures! If not, further backlash from the mighty China and they will be mad at us t0 the maximum level.

Today, we heard a news of a South Korean ship sinking on its way from Incheon to Jeju Island this morning (image above). There are over 400 people on-board and the cause of the sinking is still unknown but I do feel relieved by the efficiency of the search and rescue teams of their country. 4 people are reported dead unfortunately, while many others are still missing, but at least we have over 100 people successfully rescued. We should learn from them eventhough they are both different situations. If this thing happened over here, I guess our authority is still looking for the location of the ship?? (by that time, more casualties already), or maybe taking a nap first before taking further action. Crisis management of Malaysian authority: FAIL.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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