‘The Grandmaster’ won big at 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards

p_1 The result of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards held yesterday came to me as nothing surprising. Already knew from day one once the nomination list is released that the martial-art epic film ‘The Grandmaster’ will be the biggest winner. The film, directed by acclaimed director, Wong Kar-wai took home 12 awards out of 14 nominations received, thus becoming the single movie with highest number of wins in history of Hong Kong Film Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in Chinese film industry.

I was quite bored watching the entire show yesterday as I kept on hearing ‘The Grandmaster’ being called out as the winner again and again, both in technical and acting categories. I was also quite disappointed with the emcees (Teresa Mo, Gordon Lam, Ronald Cheng). Their talks couldn’t flow smoothly and the outcome from their hosting turned out to be quite awkward for me. There are also much lesser number of superstars attending the presentation ceremony this year. Nevertheless, we still see many artists there, like Jackie Chan, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Sammi Cheng, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Anthony Wong, Wong Jing, etc. 1210152121449978139 Hereby below are the results of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards along with my comments in some categories. You can check back the nomination list here if you wish to know in detail who else are nominated but didn’t get to win: https://vincentloy.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/full-nomination-list-for-the-33rd-hong-kong-film-awards-2014/:

Best Film – The Grandmaster

Comment: Very much predicted. A top quality production but usually this kind of movie that won the most awards is boring for me.

Best Director – Wong Kar Wai (The Grandmaster)

Comment: Third directing win for Wong Kar Wai. He is very interested on making heavy films that are usually favourites by awards’ judges.

Best Actor – Nick Cheung (Unbeatable)

Comment: I’m glad he won rather than Tony Leung. I’m not saying that Tony Leung isn’t great but ‘The Grandmaster’ seems to emphasize more on Ziyi’s character than his one as ‘Ip Man’. Nick Cheung’s effort in ‘Unbeatable’ is paid off finally. Louis Koo has to wait again, since he had never won best actor before despite having many previous nominations.

Best Actress – Zhang Ziyi (The Grandmaster)

Comment: Everybody knew Ziyi will win this. Now, she had won 9 best actress title these two years from her role as ‘Gong Er’ in ‘The Grandmaster’ alone. Incredible. I was still hoping Sammi could win from her brilliant performance in ‘Blind Detective’. She had been nominated 7 times but without any win before. Pity her. Really wish her time for a big win will come very soon. 

Best Supporting Actor – Max Zhang (The Grandmaster)

Best Supporting Actress – Kara Hui (Rigor Mortis)

Comment: This is a surprise. Everybody is expecting the little Malaysian girl, Crystal Lee to win from her role in ‘Unbeatable’. She had previously won Best Actress at last year’s Shanghai International Film Festival for the same role but not even winning in supporting category here. Weird. But I have to say that Kara Hui is a solid actress and deserved to win too. 

Best Screenplay – Wong Kar Wai, Xu Haofeng, Zhao Jingzhi (The Grandmaster)

Best Editing – William Chang, Benjamin Courtine, Poon Hung-yiu (The Grandmaster)

Best Cinematography – Philippe LeSourd (The Grandmaster)

Comment: Very much expected as ‘The Grandmaster’ was also nominated in Oscars (86th Academy Awards) earlier this year in the same category. Very unlikely for an Asian film. Eventhough it didn’t win at Oscars, but I’m sure it is strong enough to win here.

Best Production Design – William Chang (The Grandmaster)

Best Costumes & Make-Up – (The Grandmaster)

Comment: Also nominated in Oscars early this year. So, expected to win here in this category easily. 

Best Visual Effects – Enoch Chan (Rigor Mortis)

Best Action Choreography – Yuen Woo Ping (The Grandmaster)

Comment: Eventhough I don’t quite like the movie, but I enjoyed its action choreography. Delivering actions in slow-motion is a nice approach seen from this film.

Best Cross-Straits Chinese Language Film – So Young (dir. Zhao Wei)

Best Score – Umebayashi Shigeru, Nathaniel Mechaly (The Grandmaster)

Best Song – (The Way We Dance)

Comment: This song is energetic but I prefer ‘Blind Love’ song for the film ‘Blind Detective’ by Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng to win. 

Best Sound – (The Grandmaster)

Best New Actor – Babyjohn (The Way We Dance)

Best New Director – Adam Wong (The Way We Dance)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Chang Hsin-yen


‘The Grandmaster’ sweeps almost all awards. That’s it. This caused many other films to have win nothing (Detective Dee: Rise of Sea Dragon, Blind Detective, The White Storm, Drug War, etc). ‘The Way We Dance’ and ‘Rigor Mortis’, both by new directors were also winning two to three awards respectively. Very good achievement. ‘Unbeatable’ manages to grab one for best actor luckily. If not, the movie which was a commercial and critical hit last year would be a major letdown in the awards ceremony. Looking forward to more top quality movies from Sammi Cheng so that she will win best actress very soon. She must be frustrated that whenever she is nominated in a particular year, there must be some other superbly strong opponent present to take the trophy. Anyway, I’m sure your day will come for a major win very soon.

(Images and information in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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