Prefer G.E.M. to take the champion of ‘I Am a Singer’ Season 2.

Once I got back home from office quite late just now, the first thing I did was to check whether Astro is showing the Finale of ‘I Am a Singer’ Season 2. Nope…that’s sad, but luckily, I managed to find an online link to watch the show live streaming. If you didn’t know, ‘I Am a Singer’ is a Chinese reality show that features talented singers from across Asia Pacific performing for a selected audiences, of which votes from the audiences will eliminate one singer every round (next round, a new singer will join) till the finale. This year, the show entered its second season.

The popularity of its first season was limited to mainland China only. This second season is much appealing as it has more younger participating singers and saw the presence of Malaysian singers too. I’m happy that our local artists, Shila Amzah, Gary Chaw and Victor Wong were in this competition and that the first two successfully entered the finale. But the person that introduces me to this show turned out to be G.E.M. (stage name) for Hong Kong female singer, Tang Tsz-kei.

Early this year, I saw a lot of my Facebook friends sharing videos of G.E.M. performing. Everyone is talking about it. I watched those clips and I was really amazed by her performances. I think that she isn’t that popular yet back in Hong Kong, but once after she joined this competition, she rose to stardom like a lightning. She went on taking the first place in several rounds before the finale as expected. She is beautiful, her voice is powerful and her singing talent is unquestionable. Here below is two of her performances in this competition:

Let’s move the spotlight a bit back to Shila Amzah. She decided to expand her singing career in China after winning Asian Wave Championship back in 2012. It is no doubt that she is a young talented girl from Malaysia. It’s a good opportunity here in ‘I Am a Singer 2’ for her to further sharpen her skills and improve her Mandarin language proficiency. Since she is a Malay, hence her performances (particularly in Chinese songs) stunned the audiences. Very well done. She had a great future ahead. Her ability to control her voice from lowest to highest pitch is incredible. Here below are two of her best performances in this show:

Hmm…but it turned out that it was Han Lei (a veteran singer from China) who took the champion just now in the finale. Who is he? I’m quite disappointed with the result, and I have to come to this conclusion that the audiences were more in favour of their local singers, particularly the more matured ones (Just my opinion). After watching the finale, I still feel that G.E.M. is more deserving, looking from all aspects. Now, she is the first runner-up. As for Shila, I think she had chosen songs that are not fit for her in the finale, hence putting her further from the top prize. However, she and Gary Chaw still managed to proceed to second round, making into the top 5. Considered a very good achievement already. This reality show’s result should be based on all the performances from the previous rounds for a better judgement.


7 Responses to “Prefer G.E.M. to take the champion of ‘I Am a Singer’ Season 2.”

  1. U don’t even know the show is on which broadcast . First times watch the show on finale straight away can decide which is good and which is bad ? Did you even know how long all those singer been competiting each other’s ?

    • vincentloy Says:

      Dear Tan, I watched this show quite some time ago, I mean from Season 2 onwards. U must have not understand clearly what I written. It’s just my opinion on analysing who’s good. And it can be judged immediately from even one show alone. doesn’t need to be long.

  2. Ya. Agreed with what u said. Prefer GEM to win. She is stunning. Love her performance overall.

  3. novaziou Says:

    Han Lei is good. But based on overall performance i think GEM supposed to be the winner here. I wanted Shila to win but her song choice in the final not good and her partner also cant sing well in english. But overall congrats to Han Lei. And all the best to our Malaysian singers!

  4. D Grand Final or D Finale is on next Friday 11.04.2014. Han Lei & GEM have to ‘fight’ it out with the winners of Season 1.

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