Nominees look great in photoshoot for the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards next week.

The 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony would be held next week on Sunday, 13th April 2014. You can check out the full nomination list of this year’s awards in my post here: Recently, the photoshoot for the nominees this year had been released. While some criticized the images for being overly photoshopped, I still find that the outcome is awesome and successfully showing the glamour of the nominated actors and actresses this year.


Nominees for Best Leading Actor (above from left to right: Anthony Wong, Sean Lau, Tony Leung, Nick Cheung and Louis Koo).

My latest prediction is that Nick Cheung will take home the prize from his performance in ‘Unbeatable’ last year. He previously had won Best Actor for this film at Shanghai International Film Festival last year too. He previously won this award back in 2008 before.

70% – Nick Cheung (Unbeatable)

10% – Tony Leung (The Grandmaster)

10% – Louis Koo (The White Storm)

10% – Anthony Wong (Ip Man: The Final Fight)

0% – Sean Lau (The White Storm)

The only nominees above that has never win Best Actor and also got me curious is Louis Koo. A very talented, cool and handsome looking actor. I’m sure his chance will come soon.


Nominees for Best Leading Actress (above from left to right: Cherry Ngan, Tang Wei, Zhang Ziyi, Sammi Cheng, Nina Paw)

This year’s best actress category is quite intense. Much better than last year when all the singers got nominated instead. My prediction sticks to the same that Zhang Ziyi will take home the prize, since she had already been snatching all Best Actress trophies in multiple film awards across Asia Pacific from her performance in ‘The Grandmaster’ (at Golden Horse Awards, Asian Film Awards, etc).

60% – Zhang Ziyi (The Grandmaster)

20% – Sammi Cheng (Blind Detective)

20% – Nina Paw (Rigor Mortis)

0% – Tang Wei (Finding Mr. Right)

0% – Cherry Ngan (The Way We Dance)

At first I gave 70% probability to Zhang Ziyi. But I lowered it down to 60% because she had won it before and I prefer to give slightly higher chance to Sammi Cheng, the next favourite. Sammi had been Ziyi’s closest rival in 50th Golden Horse Awards end of last year too. Furthermore, Hong Kong might prefer to vote for home favourite (Sammi) this time in addition that she also lost out very surprisingly to Miriam Yeung (her junior in career) last year. Maybe a little compensation for Sammi. But in the end, I guess the judge will be professional and fair, and to let Ziyi win (will be her second time winning Best Actress in Hong Kong Film Awards). I saw Ziyi’s performance but I have to say honestly that Sammi carried out her dynamic role in ‘Blind Detective’ much better and captivating.

Besides that, Sammi had been nominated seven times in Hong Kong Film Awards and till now, failed to win any. She also failed to win any at Golden Horse Awards. The only win she had for Best Actress is on 2001 at Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards for ‘Wu Yen’. She must be very frustrated. She actually did very well in acting career but just that she has no fate yet to any major acting awards. Really wish she will be crowned Best Actress very soon. Also hopes that she will be more active in filming, hence to provide her higher opportunity for winning in near future. But for now, my pick is on Zhang Ziyi.

The film she is nominated in, ‘The Grandmaster’ is also highly expected to win the most awards on that night. The film received 14 nominations, the highest among other nominated films. It is expected to take home ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Action Choreography’, ‘Best Cinematography’, ‘Best Costume and Make-up Design’, and few more. Looking forward to watch the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony next Sunday, on 13th April 2014 from 8 pm.

(Images in this post are from official Facebook page of this awards:


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