Hi, April 2014. And Happy April Fools’ Day!

Couldn’t believe the first quarter of the year is gone. I was still thinking that 2014 had just started. It’s April now. Last month had been a very tough month for Malaysia. First, we had critical water issue that leads to water rationing exercise in whole state of Selangor (my home affected). Then, we had some political agendas going around (won’t describe much but this kind of things are typical in my country), and then the worst came, when Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane went disappeared on 8th March with 239 people on board. That is making headlines worldwide.

And surprisingly, till now, there is still no sign of the plane which is believed to have ended in the southern Indian Ocean despite multi-national search operations underway. I really hope that the plane (wreckage) and its blackbox to be found very soon so that investigations could wrap up and that the families and relatives of the passengers on board the ill-fated aircraft could move on. And I have to stress here again that there is no point of boycotting Malaysia and calling our country as ‘murderer’. I understand their emotions and that I have to admit on our government’s poor handling of this issue particularly on the first few days which are deemed very critical. But simply accusing is too much. Kindly be rational. No one wanted this to happen in the first place. Anyway, would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the passengers and crews on the MH370 flight.

Let’s not talk about sad matters anymore. We should stay positive in our lives. Today is 1st April. So, it’s April Fools’ Day. Planning some pranks on your friends or colleagues? Go on and have fun, but please remember, not to overdo it that may hurt someone. Also it’s time to pull off creative tricks and not some lame typical pranks, yeah. I’m not going to do anything in conjunction with this April Fools Day since I’m going to have to concentrate on plenty of works these two weeks alongside with my colleagues. I know we can do it! Hoping that no pressure will stand in between my way.


Last month’s blog header had been showing a very amazing image of iconic Shanghai skyline. Shanghai is one of the top five best skylines in the world according to most of the polls and analysis out there. The next one to appear on top of my blog for this particular month is New York City. It is a mega-city and is the birthplace of modern skyscrapers. It is unquestionable that NYC is in the top 5 ranking too. Here you go, a spectacular image of skyline of New York City, United States as the blog header for April 2014. (You can view it clearly above or click on the image below for a bigger version). Next city would be? Time for you to guess…


Ahh…there isn’t any public holiday this month. Anyway, wishing that this month will be all right and smooth for all of us.



2 Responses to “Hi, April 2014. And Happy April Fools’ Day!”

  1. Good photo! The image is wonderful. Is it ok to use it on my blog?

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