Heading to KLIA2 tomorrow. Nope, still LCCT.

Tomorrow, my company is organizing a study trip to Bali. The main objective is to explore and study on the architecture (from layout to details) in Bali, particularly from the contemporary villas and hotels there. In past few days, I had already done a bit of research and I’m quite fascinated by not only of the natural beauty there but also from the villas’ designs. I would be updating my blog on my findings once I’m back from this short four-days trip.

After working for a half-day tomorrow, we would be heading to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) as the flight we had is of AirAsia. Everytime I stepped my foot into the terminal, there is always this question that comes to my mind; ‘How can an airport terminal looks like this? It’s like a cheap factory building.’ It’s stuffy and hot inside. Crowded. Poor facilities. Etc. Well, we couldn’t complain further as this is a LOW COST terminal for low-cost flight. Unless you wish to spend more, then you will be in the much luxurious and elegant KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), just besides the LCCT (shown below).


Construction of klia2, a new airport terminal to replace the existing LCCT began few years back and is scheduled to be completed last year. However, due to various delays (as expected for mega-constructions in Malaysia), the date of opening has been postponed to May this year. Even some parties were still unsure whether this final deadline could be met. Curiosity leads me to look for latest updates regarding this terminal, and here below are some recent images I found. It looks almost fully completed and is quite a huge complex.




It’s quite a beautiful terminal. Way much better than the current LCCT. Looks great! At least it doesn’t looks cheap or awful and it fits for AirAsia that has been awarded the world’s best low-cost airline for few consecutive years. Besides that, airport is very important as it is the first stop for tourists and it will give them their first impression of the country. Once completed, the old LCCT will be converted to cargo terminal. Too bad, for tomorrow, we still couldn’t enjoy the facilities offered by klia2. Have to stick back to LCCT.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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