MH370 still undiscovered after being missing for over 100 hours.

It has been over 100 hours since the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 reported missing, and yet there is still not a single clue, trace or sign of the ill-fated plane till today. The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing carried 227 passengers and 12 crew members departed KLIA 40 minutes past midnight on 8th March 2014 and lost its radar about two hours later. It should have reached destination on 6.30am the same day. But no. And since then, this incident had been making the headlines of all local and international news. Malaysia had never been in global spotlight to this scale.


But putting the country into fame through this way is something not to be proud of. It is instead saddening and I hoped not to have it happened at all. It’s now already the 5th day of the plane gone missing, and despite multi-national search and rescue operations going on, there isn’t any outcome at all, neither positive nor negative. Over 10 countries joined in the effort to search for the plane, to investigate the cause, and also to uncover more details of the incident. Malaysia do appreciate their assistance as our country is never capable of doing this task on our own.

I have been staying closely to the updates, particularly from the media conference held daily. There had been many rumours circulating from irresponsible parties and I do hope that kind of act should ceased immediately. Stop spreading false news. I also do understand the reasoning behind reports of the flight passengers’ family members and relatives being emotionally angry to Malaysian authorities’ inefficient way of handling the matter. There are many reports putting the blame on Malaysian authorities. It’s fair and I do agree, but let’s put our focus back to search for the plane first before going elsewhere. Remember, no one wanted this to happen in first place.

The latest case of the bomoh (shamans) performing rituals at KLIA recently to locate the plane is truly embarrassing. They purposely did this at KLIA to attract attention and to get their faces captured in global news. I understand you guys came with good hearts and objective, but you can do it privately without the need of showing off to the whole world like what you had done now. This certainly tarnished the image of the country at this time of crisis. More and more negative remarks to the country. Haiz…

Missing for over 100 hours, it is obvious that hope fades. But let’s be positive and still pray for MH370 to come back. Search area is now expanded to include Strait of Malacca from previous effort to only locate the plane at South China Sea. Its’ disappearance remains a big mystery. I truly hope that it will be found soon.



(Images and information from this post are from various credible sources throughout the world wide web)


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