Some beautiful movie soundtracks.

Listening to songs is great to reduce stress during work. It is also a good and simple form of entertainment at home. But sticking to songs everyday would still end up being boring especially when I have limited number of songs in my iPhone or in my laptop. This week, I switched to listening to music, with nobody singing. Just melody. And the first thing on my mind are movie soundtracks.

Many past movies were tend to be unforgettable and awesome, thanks to the inspiring beautiful score it had while the movie is playing. Here below are some very lovely movie’s original scores which have been haunting me this week. Few of my personal favourite below. Listening to these soundtracks will also remind you of those great movies.

Gravity. One of the best films last year and the score had just won Best Original Score at 86th Academy Awards held last Sunday. A truly intensifying and climax-reaching score.

Titanic. Still one of my most favourite films after so many years. Very saddening and touching score that melts everyone’s heart. Also not to forget the theme song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion. Immensely memorable.

Inception. Heart-stopping soundtrack.

Also not forget this one from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final movie of the highly successful movie franchise. The soundtrack is spellbinding.

These soundtracks are cool especially when you hear them before you are going to bed. I’m not going to post a lot here as I think you won’t be listening to all too, right? You can just pick which ever you love to hear again. You must have heard them in those movies before, but it would gives you more feel when you are just listening to the scores without being distracted by anything. Enjoy and have a great evening!

(Clips in this post are from YouTube)


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