Let’s march to March 2014.

There goes the end of the shortest month of the year. I spent the first 1/3 of the month in a family trip to China during the lengthy Chinese New Year break. The trip turned out to be not so enjoyable and uninteresting. It seems like I had wasted a lot of annual leaves for that unworthy trip. The next 1/3 of the month had me still wandering around in CNY mood. The last 1/3 of the month had my working mode turned on back. Haha…

I can sum up that the past February had been not a good month for me. I experienced extreme stomach pain twice in the previous month alone. One during the trip (that is the worst thing that could happen when you are trying to enjoy the holiday) and the other one just happened few days ago. Starting now, I have to really think twice on my meals. Has to listen to my  dad’s advice and go for healthy food; less sugar, less oil, no fried, no MSG, etc. My stomach, you better be good to me.

In past February, we had also observed the success of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games which was now famous for its major technical glitch during its opening ceremony and also for being the most expensive Olympic Games in history. What’s coming up in March 2014? The 86th Academy Awards (Oscars) will be held tomorrow, on March 2nd, to honour the best of motion pictures last year. I will update my blog here with the Oscars’ result along with a bit of my opinions as soon as possible.

Ohh..when I look through the calendar from March onwards, it is quite sad to know that there isn’t any holidays coming soon. Had to wait till May for public holidays like Labour Day and Wesak Day. Keep calm and back to focus on working while maintaining non-stressful lifestyle everyday.

For the blog’s header of the month, I would start picking on recent lovely image of several cities across the world. These cities are not simply picked. They are ranked the top 5 best skylines in the world. The first city to appear is Shanghai, China. I didn’t mean that Shanghai ranked first. In fact, this city never tops any lists of best skylines you found on internet. But it is no doubt qualified in top 5. This mega-city had my interest in recent years particularly due to the on-going construction of the Shanghai Tower. If you do follow my blog, then you should know that how much I would love to visit this beautiful city soon. In various polls and statistics across the web, Shanghai ranked in top 5 in best skylines category steadily.


Quite a cool image right? Perhaps the city itself is already awesome! (This image is from skyscrapercity.com forum page) For next month, we would see another city then, till all the top 5 are revealed. And too bad, my city, Kuala Lumpur could only managed to rank in Top 10 at the best, but I’m still happy for it. That’s considered very good for KL already.

On the other hand, my blog had just passed 2.2 million hits! At last a good news to end February 2014.


2 Responses to “Let’s march to March 2014.”

  1. Shanghai does have one of the better skylines that I have ever seen in my life. And the view on the opposite side of the Bund is also amazing. Anyone who wants to visit China should definitely start with Shanghai, nice people and generally a great place to just chill. 🙂

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