Malaysia’s first dinosaur fossil discovery!

I was quite surprised by this news today. For so many years, we couldn’t discover any dinosaur fossil in Malaysia, and hence there has been early conclusion that this extinct species has not been on this land before. But that statement has to be taken out from now on. Yesterday, the discovery of Malaysia’s first dinosaur fossil is unveiled to the media by two professors from Malaya University and Waseda University respectively.


Out of several bone fragments excavated at site in the interior of Pahang, a tooth about 23mm long and 10mm wide was the best preserved fossil. It is then identified as belonging to spinosaurid dinosaur. This group were known as carnivorous, fish-eating dinosaurs and were believed to be “semi-aquatic”; live half on river and half on land. If you still have no idea of what this dinosaur looks like, then try to recall back a scene from ‘Jurassic Park III’ film when a T-Rex lost to another giant dinosaur in battle. That giant dinosaur is spinosaurus, a large predator with elongated, crocodile-like skulls and conical teeth. The discovered tooth is believed to be of this particular species which may even grows larger than T-Rex.


The fossil remains were actually discovered in August last year during field expeditions and a search for dinosaur deposits in Malaysia, which began in September 2012. Currently, the exact location of the excavation will not be revealed first till proper closing off and preservation measures are done to prevent damage to the site. It is now of course treated as the new addition to the priceless treasures of Malaysia. So, we are now looking forward to more great discovery of maybe even other dinosaur species too that had once lived on this land. Researchers said it is expected that large deposits of dinosaur fossils still remain in Malaysia. Cool.

The first fossil is always the hardest to find but, once it has been found, many others are likely to follow. Hope so. I have just returned from Yunnan, China and one of the destinations I visited there is the Dinosaur Valley. I was so excited and in awe looking at the dinosaur fossils exhibits in the museum there. Very interesting. Maybe in few more years, we could have our own national dinosaur museum here in Pahang, Malaysia too. Eventhough it is now just a very small tooth discovered, but it served as a ground-breaking discovery and the start for many others to come.

(Information and images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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