Movie review: Robocop (2014)

Robocop = Robot + Cop. The idea of combining a human cop with machine first started in original ‘Robocop’ film in 1987. It then spawned two lesser successful sequels, and then the franchise ended. Now, in 2014, ‘Robocop’ received a reboot with a new film that starred Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, etc. Set in 2028 at Detroit, it tells a story of a loving husband, father and cop, Alex Murphy whom is critically injured in the line of duty, hence giving the chance to Omnicorp, a company in realization of a part-human, part-robot officer.


There are many critics out there comparing this to the original 1987’s film. I didn’t see the first one, and hence I will review based on this film alone, on which I think would be more fair to it as it is. This film had a very solid plot. I’m very happy that the storyline is quite engaging and things didn’t get dragged as the plot progresses. We do see a number of action-packed scenes, but I was actually hoping for more or at least much longer shooting spree from this kind of big-budget production. I’m also glad that the robo-suit design is updated with more black and cool feel, rather than sticking to outdated 1987’s design.

What I like the most from this film is the emotional element put into Alex’s character as the Robocop. The film combined both human touch and technology brilliantly. I’m very satisfied that it manages to put ‘soul’ into the story development rather than just focusing how great the robot works. In the story, he successfully overrides the programming installed to his brain and do what he is supposed to do as a human with just help from the attached technologically-advanced machine.


Well, for acting wise, it’s hard to see from Joel Kinnaman, as he appeared in the robosuit most of the time in the film. Extra credit to Gary Oldman as the scientist that created Robocop. Good visual effect. It is as though I’m watching a shooting simulator game in the movie when Robocop is in battle, looked from his machine-controlled eye view. His quick attacking speed is awesome, but the disadvantage is that it made those climatic actions end fast too.

Overall, I find that this is one of the more successful reboot we have seen nowadays. It is an excellent and intelligent science-fiction film that also didn’t lose itself, thanks to the presence of human touch in it. Generally entertaining and should be pleasing to majority of movie-goers of current generation, I rate ‘Robocop’ a total of 7.8. This film appeals and had a thumbs up from me, and it ends up higher than my expectation of a reboot. Great work.

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One Response to “Movie review: Robocop (2014)”

  1. Good review Vincent. It was a bit better than what we’d all originally imagined from the looks of a RoboCop remake, but it’s still not all that great neither. It’s just okay enough to be seen.

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