Movie review: Golden Chickensss (2014)

Just returned from a long oversea trip, it’s now time to catch up with some Chinese New Year movies. There are quite a lot of appealing CNY films this year particularly those from Hong Kong. Fits into my schedule today, the first I managed to watch is ‘Golden Chickensss’. This is the third film in its series (I didn’t watch the first two). It stars Sandra Ng as Kam, a prostitute-turned-‘madam’, who supplies expensive prostitutes to wealthy clients.

After a ‘learning trip’ to Japan with the girls who work for her in the first half of the film, Kam returns to Hong Kong to meet with her old flame, the ex-gangster Gordon (Nick Cheung). Gordon has been in jail for over 15 years, and Kam is determined to help him get back up to speed after his release. But things do not go quite as planned, as Gordon stubbornly clings to his old identity, in a Hong Kong that he no longer understands.


Kam and Gordon’s tale is the main plot of “Golden Chickensss”, which intersects with the film’s many sub-plots. The first half of the movie is very entertaining and hilarious. I had some good laughs and that is what I’m expecting usually from the presence of Sandra Ng, a film comedy queen over the years. She had the talent in comedic role and she nailed her role here fantastically well. Same goes to Ivana Wong. She is considered a newbie, but she given an outstanding performance in this film too. I had fun watching her role.

Nothing much to say to the other casts that are mostly big names that only came in for small cameo appearances like Louis Koo, Chapman To, Donnie Yen, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Dayo Wong, Anthony Wong, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Fiona Sit, Ronald Cheng, Eason Chan, Hins Cheung, William So, Chin Kar-lok, Elena Kong, etc. Stay a while after the end credits to wait for Andy Lau’s appearance! Out of all of them, Louis Koo’s part stood out for being the funniest.


Things started to get boring once Eason Chan and Nick Cheung appeared. Their storyline isn’t engaging and there is no longer any funny moments. Things appear like didn’t continue from the interesting first half of the film. That is somehow slightly disappointing. Anyway, it is always Sandra Ng there to save the film till the end. Yes, in my opinion, the ending is simply plain and terrible. Generally, this film is quite entertaining and worthy to watch as one of the CNY movies this year. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Golden Chickensss’ a total of 6.5. I don’t like that they obviously cut off several scenes out for Malaysia’s version of this film. It is already restricted to people aged 18 and above, and what more do you want to take out? There is no explicit scenes anyway.

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