CNY Eve already! And my holiday begins…

Oh no…not in a good condition as soon as I wake up in this morning on the day of Chinese New Year’s Eve. My throat is not feeling well! I haven’t even eat a lot of CNY biscuits, and now my throat isn’t comfortable already. Not good. Not good. Tomorrow comes the Chinese’s biggest festival, and the day after, I’m going on a trip. Hope everything would be fine by tomorrow. Luckily, the leave I took from my work began today and I had time for a bit of rest and also for…

… My room’s cleaning. Since it is the traditional belief of prohibiting the Chinese from cleaning up their houses on the first day of lunar new year, the last-minute task has to be done today. My room is small, but still, I spent several hours cleaning it alone. Those things I have not touched for a long time had been in very dusty conditions, and I managed to throw off a lot of unused stuff, which all ended up in four rubbish bags. Now my room is neat and clean, ready to usher in the lunar new year. I also managed to put up a bit of CNY decorations in my room, just to bring up the festive atmosphere.

Well, today is already the Chinese New Year’s Eve. And it’s a very nice sunny day. Time to say goodbye to the year of snake, and welcome to the year of horse. Me, who is born in year of goat would be doing quite great this year according to Chinese’s horoscope forecast. Hope it will be. Have you reach your hometown yet in time to gather for family reunion dinner tonight? Or are you still stuck in traffic congestion while on the way? Stay calm, and drive safely! Wishing everyone a safe trip! For me, I already had early reunion dinner together with yee-sang’s tossing last week. Hence, tonight, we are going to go for normal dinner only. Even this is a hard task to us as most of the shops and restaurants out there are closed already.


February is on its way too. The blog’s header stays as it is (as seen above and also at top of my blog’s page) for another 15 days till the CNY celebration ends. Once the festival is over and when I’m back from my family trip, it would be almost middle of the month already, and then only it’s time to put up a new blog’s header. Would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Expected to hear a lot of ‘bang’ or ‘boom’ noise tonight as fireworks lit up the sky everywhere including my neighbourhood to welcome the lunar new year of horse! Okay…time to pack my luggage. Bye…


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