Movie review: The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ is a film directed by acclaimed director, Martin Scorsese, and is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. There are three reasons to persuade me to watch this;

a) it received very positive reviews from critics and audiences. Even many of my Facebook friends are recommending this.

b) it starred Leonardo di Caprio, one of my favourite male actors, and I have not seen him in movies for quite some time.

b) it has won Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Leonardo di Caprio at Golden Globes 2014, and obtained huge number of nominations in the current awards season, including at the upcoming Academy Awards, hence cementing its quality.


It is banned in my country because of the excessive depiction of sex, drugs and vulgarity in the movie, and that my country is very sensitive on this particular. But I had my way to watch it too. And I’m shocked that this film took 3 hours. A movie this long would obviously have a very solid and properly-developed story. This is a good point for the movie. Nothing lacks, sufficient character’s development and substantial plot to drive the story along that centred on the life of a stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. But I really find it is too long and not engaging enough, and not much drama going on in between besides than those sex, drug and ‘f’words.

The highlight of the movie must be on Leonardo di Caprio, portraying as Jordan Belfort. He brought in stellar performance and I can see he put in so much effort and energy to carry out his highly dynamic role here very well. He nailed it. Congratulations to him on winning the Best Actor at the recent Golden Globes. Hope on Oscar? Too bad, more are eyeing on Matthew Mcconaughey for the Best Leading Actor in the coming Academy Awards from his performance in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Nevertheless, nobody will doubt Leo’s acting especially after watching this movie.


The supporting casts also did fairly well. Most of them just went ‘crazy’ (that’s what needed from their roles in the stockbroker office). Yup, this movie is good, but I just don’t feel that this is extraordinary, excellent or something that I can say ‘best’. It’s light, entertaining, having a good screenplay, and most of all, the presence of a versatile brilliant actor, Leo. But it just didn’t get to me enough. And I find the excessive portrayal of sex and drug in this film are unnecessary. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ a total of 7.1. And do you know that this film is noted for being the drama film with the word ‘fuck’ said the most in cinematic history. In every short dialogues, I can hear at least one or two of that ‘f’ word. Quite a controversial black comedy film.

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