Super Series Premier Maybank Malaysia Open 2014; host nation scored 2 wins.

It has been quite a while since I last watched a badminton match. Finally, I watched one yesterday on a boring Sunday; the final of Maybank Malaysia Open 2014. This year had just begins, and that marks the commencement of various super series badminton tournaments around the world. Maybank Malaysia Open 2014 is one of them in early year, and now, the tournament has been upgraded for the first time to ‘premier’ edition due to increased prize money to be rewarded to winners.



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Chen Long from China has been on his top form recently, replacing Lin Dan as the best men single player from China, the country that found excellence in this particular sport. I think Lin Dan is now in semi-retirement mode. Right? Hence, Chen Long now poses high risk to our national hero, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. However, in the just ended Maybank Malaysia Open 2014, he lost in the early round. I think he is ill. And so, there shouldn’t be any major problem for Chong Wei to clinch his record-breaking 10th Malaysia Open title, and he did it, expectedly.

On his first game against Tony Sugiarto from Indonesia in men single final, he appeared to have reserve a bit of his energy and not pulling in his great action yet, hence staying behind his opponent in points. However, as the result nears 21, he strikes back and win the first game. He then contributed solid performance and won the second game (straight) easily with his strong smash and attacking skills. Winning over RM 100, 000 with awards presented by Prime Minister and his wife, he informed that this may be his last outing in Malaysia Open to make way for other players to shine.

However, the most surprising and joyful news must be the win in men doubles event by our local players too. Great! Who? Not Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong anymore. Their continuous downhill performance had pushed our badminton organization to drop them off in future games. The pair that won yesterday is Lim Khim Wah and Goh V Shem. As junior players, they considered to have put on a great game in the final yesterday against also young players from China. This is their first appearance in final and they won it. Must be a great early ‘angpow’ for them since Chinese New Year is drawing close.They won in two straight games too, and unbelievably, they are quite far behind in points on the second game but then managed to stay focused and led back before winning it after.

Hope that they will continue to improve in future international badminton championships. That’s a great news and a sign of hope for Malaysia at the time when the country is in serious need of young talented badminton players to replace our former badminton stars; Wong Choon Hann retired, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong had been very bad already, Wong Mew Choo married to Chong Wei whom is planning to retire soon too. But right now, there seems to be no replacement for Chong Wei yet. And wait, no girls?


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