Chinese New Year mood is on! Year of Horse is coming.

So fast it’s middle of the month already, which tells us that there is another half month to go before the big festival, the Chinese New Year, or known as Spring Festival. The year of snake (from 2013 based on lunar calendar) will have to make way for the arrival of year of horse very soon. Are you in CNY mood already? I am… It’s time to buy new clothes, CNY biscuits and mandarin oranges, drinks, or even decorations to brighten up and add CNY atmosphere to your home.

The first two days of the upcoming Chinese New Year which are made public holiday falls on Friday and Saturday. Not that good as we get to enjoy shorter break and I have to apply for annual leave in more number of days this year to accommodate my oversea trip to China with my family on that particular week. Luckily, I managed to save quite a number of annual leave from last year. And also it’s fortunate as my office is in KL, which will observe another holiday on that Saturday (second day of CNY). Hence, there will be a replacement holiday on Monday (only for Federal Territories).

Just not long after seeing the Christmas decorations in Pavilion KL last month, recently I went back to the mall to take a look at its Chinese New Year’s decorations this time. The mall is always promising in offering awesome decorations for major festivals. However, I find that this year’s CNY decorations in the mall is not that outstanding or distinctive anymore compared to previous years. I thought it has to be much better due to the heavily promoted Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign this year. But still it’s not bad. Still contributes a very good CNY feel. Here is a shot I had taken of the mall’s entrance:


And I think it’s time to replace my blog’s header to bring in CNY mood to my blog also. No more new year’s greeting as the first month of the year is already halfway through. Time to put up red, the most popular colour for CNY as it symbolises prosperity, joy, and everything good in Chinese culture. Hence, my blog header is mostly in red now, and you can see two horses. One is translated and abstractly drawn to resemble the year ‘2014’ (current year), while the other one is in shadow within the red background. Very simple yet self-explanatory as the header acts as an early CNY greeting to all Chinese. Another copy of the blog’s header below (click on it for full version):



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