So many different festivals or birthday events in one day.

14th of January this year does not only marks the birthday of my eldest sister together with her eldest son (my nephew), but is also the day of two different festivals. Will talk about it later. Hmm, I got to kind off celebrate their birthday by having a buffet dinner with them at Jogoya, a very popular Japanese buffet restaurant situated in Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, KL. Very expensive (it costs over RM100 for an adult) but I think is quite worthy and reasonable for the amount and quality of food served there. I have not been there for half a year already. 

Happy Birthday to both my eldest sister and my eldest nephew! I have to say again that it is so coincident to have the mother and her first son born on the same date but with 24 years apart. Both are also born in ‘Ox’ year in Chinese lunar calendar. How nice is it to see my nephew growing up so fast (it also reminds me that we are getting old). Still remember well when he was still a small cute little baby, always crying and crawling for attention. He still do loves to cry now. And I bought a toy sports car for him as a birthday present, since he likes sports car so much.

Yup, my sister’s birthday is on a public holiday. How come? It’s because Prophet Nabi Muhammad’s birthday this year also falls on 14th January, hence making the day off for all. My dad runs his own business, and hence he still needs to go to work. Pity him. If not, we could enjoy another family day this week. Well, this is a Muslim festival. And on the other hand, there is also another festival observed on this day. It’s Ponggal, the harvest festival celebrated by the Indians. Malaysia is a multiracial country, hence we are lucky to observe a lot of different colourful festivals and also get to enjoy the various public holidays. 

This week is going to be quick and short as there would be another public holiday this coming Friday. That’s Thaipusam, another religious festival by the Indians. The main point is that the holiday will extends our weekend break! Awesome! As usual, the popular spot for the festival, Batu Caves at Selangor would be crowded with people this Friday. I’m here to extend my overall festive greetings one short to all who are celebrating these few festivals this week. And last but not least, Happy Birthday once again to my eldest sister and my lovely nephew! They are unlikely to see this post anyway. 


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