Hot stuffs yesterday. Especially the ‘kangkung’ issue.

Since I am very free, having no need to work due to a public holiday today, I guess I prefer to spend some time to share some of the interesting stuffs I got to know yesterday that made my day here.

First of all is definitely the ‘kangkung’ issue. It has been a viral topic since yesterday, widely shared and creatively commented by netizens all over social networking sites. Where does this ‘kangkung’ issue comes from? Thanks to our Prime Minister, that made a remark  recently that his government is to be blamed for the price hike of so many items but not being praised when price goes down, and for that he refers to ‘kangkung’ (water spinach). And he somemore said that ‘it’s not fair’. Haha….! Well, to our PM, are we eating only ‘kangkung’ everyday? We should be thankful for that shit? Its price that has been lowered or even increased will not impact us anything.



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But you keep on increasing major necessity stuffs like petrol, sugar, toll, GST, etc. Please think rationally before voicing out something. Now, he had did something so embarassing again that he is rapped by netizens and easily had foreigners worldwide learning of this news. I couldn’t believe he would say such a thing. But what I love the most from this issue is the creativity of Malaysians on voicing out their comments regarding this through Facebook. I saw ‘Mc Kangkung’, ‘KFC stands for Kangkung Fried Chicken’, ‘Kangkung Day’, etc. I had a great laugh scrolling down my FB home page these two days which are flooded with ‘kangkung’ posts. What a kind of ‘entertainment’ brought to us by our PM. I think more is coming up. Looking forward to what he is going to say next! Get ready for another laugh, guys!

Forget about it. Let’s move on to the next stuff I wished to share here. Have you heard of a game show called ‘Super Trio’. Usually, Chinese would knew this, as it is a very popular Hong Kong’s TV programme of a game show that has existed for over 18 years, and it is hosted by Eric Tsang with his other sidekicks. The game show had its latest series (10th) called ‘Super Trio Maximus’ which many believed could be the last as Eric Tsang is planning for retirement already (he is now over 60 years old). And the show has ended its run of 31-episodes last weekend unfortunately. It means that there are no longer an entertaining game show for me to catch up with once every week starting from now. I can consider that I grow up with this series. It has always made my Monday slightly happier. I wish that it will be continued soon.





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