Movie review: Frozen (2013)

At first, I don’t really have any interest on watching Disney’s latest animated film, ‘Frozen’. Its trailer didn’t appeal to me, and that time I was actually hoping for a Disney film with literally more Christmas feel. However, since it is like everyone is giving praise to the film after watching it, I made this the last animated feature of year 2013 on my watch-list. It’s now already 2014. And I’m glad that I didn’t miss this. It turns out to be really ‘freezing’ cool.


The film tells the story of a fearless princess Anna who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged, thrill-seeking mountain man, Kristoff, his loyal pet reindeer, Sven, and a hapless snowman, Olaf to find her estranged sister, Queen Elsa whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. The film, loosely based on the fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’ features the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana, etc. It is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Yes, almost everything is good from this film. The plot is strong. In a typical Disney princess film, we would only see a single beautiful princess together with her true love, always a charming guy and the enemy. In ‘Frozen’, we had the charming guy and the enemy parts too as usual to make the story runs, but now, we had two main female characters emphasized on, one princess and her sister, the newly crowned Queen. We got to see interesting story development from both of them, alongside with other characters, particularly the snowman Olaf that makes things hilarious in several scenes.

Frozen Still

Parts of the story-telling are very predictable of which we couldn’t escape from every fairy tale; I already knew from the very beginning that Prince Hans will be the bad guy and that this story would have another happy ending as usual. Anyway, that wouldn’t ruin the show. However, I still prefer if the movie would delivers some kind of surprise or unexpected twists to the audiences. That would be much more exciting. One thing that I was also not too happy about for this film is that there are too much of singing. I knew it is a musical film too, but you don’t need to simply replace many parts of dialogues and conveying it through loud singing unnecessarily. I’m just not into musical type. Sorry. But yeah, no doubt ‘Frozen’ still had good music.


For other elements, everything else is positive. The visuals are splendid. I can tell you that it is much harder to create beautiful imageries from mainly white background (to represent frozen theme) than from a colourful background. ‘Frozen’ did it exceptionally cool. The messages are great and meaningful. ‘The act of true love’ isn’t necessarily always comes from romance but also can be from family love, care and sacrifice. On the other hand, the voice acting is wonderful, and the animated characters convey enough emotions along with the smartly-written script to produce this outstanding work. Generally, it is a solid, entertaining movie that could be considered the latest addition to Disney classic. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Frozen’ a total of 8.0. Yes, this is the highest rating I had given to an animated feature released last year. I think this movie is going to score big in upcoming awards season.

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