Return of Dayo Wong in ‘Bounty Lady’ series

‘Bounty Lady’ is a TVB series that centered on Kwong Nam, a public relations genius whom is known to help single ladies to find their Mr. Rights. However, he himself is single and would rather pursue short-term relationship until he met his new colleague, Fa Lui. It is a modern comedy production of 20 episodes that stars Dayo Wong, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan, Benz Hui, Louis Yuen, Elena Kong, etc. This is the last TVB series for year 2013 that I had watched, and it ended the year with pretty good TV rating and positive feedbacks.


I’m always looking forward to Dayo Wong’s work and his return in ‘Bounty Lady’ is certainly refreshing and welcoming. I recalled his great comedic spark with Dodo Cheng at ‘War of the Genders’, a critically-acclaimed series in 2000. His previous involvement was in 2009 on ‘You’re Hired’ with Charmaine Sheh. He was also good in 2004’s ‘To Catch The Uncatchable’ and 2007’s ‘Men Don’t Cry’. And can you guess how old is he now? I couldn’t believe he is now 53 years old. And I do see that he ages in ‘Bounty Lady’.

Let’s get back to this particular series that I had completed watching over a week ago. I do expect many hilarious scenes from this series. Some are really interesting and gave us a good laugh. However, there are also some that are a bit awkward, too exaggerated and forcefully put off. Dayo is always promising on delivering comedic stuff, but I would wish to highlight on the effort by the supporting casts on doing so, particularly Benz Hui, Elena Kong, Grace Wong, May Chan and the girl that portrayed ‘Laura’, Kwong Nam’s ex-girlfriend whom is the show-stealer in the final few episodes. All the casts did very well on their roles, and I can see Kate Tsui had proven herself to be a solid actress with his first comedy role here.


This series only had 20 episodes and so things are a bit rushed, but the plot is still carried out well with all the characters properly developed and had its own interesting side to present to audiences. As for the drama’s theme song, I prefer the second theme, sang by Sharon Chan over the first one sang by Dayo. The second one had more feel to it. This light-hearted drama is generally entertaining and interesting eventhough there are still some parts that I couldn’t put my attention into. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Bounty Lady’ a total of 7.0. Comparing this to Dayo’s former works, I prefer his previous ones that are more outstanding and appealing. This is rather slightly plain and ‘short’ of excitement.

Nevertheless, a big congratulations to Dayo Wong for winning the Best Leading Actor and Benz Hui for the Best Supporting Actor in TVB Anniversary Awards 2013 last month for their roles here eventhough it is a bit surprising, especially when Dayo Wong was not even present at the ceremony. But they do delivered great job in ‘Bounty Lady’ and should be recognised too.

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