Movie review: One Direction – This Is Us (2013)

What is a concert film? It’s a type of documentary film, the subject of which is an extended live performance or concert by a musician. Basically, it’s a movie showing usually the best parts of a concert, superimposed with several other scenes related to the background and success of the particular star(s). This kind of movie would certainly please the fans, and usually not the movie critics. The first concert film I watched was back in 2011, and that is Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Now, it’s time for One Direction: This Is Us, released in 2013.


The former is a movie solely on a single celebrity, while the latter centred on a band by five young British boys. One person to five. Which one do you think could manage to pull off for a movie of about one and a half hour? Of course One Direction: This Is Us. Sorry to Bieber’s fans. More people is an advantage to this type of movie that requires no ‘real’ plot. Hope you understand what I mean. You see, even in IMDB score, Bieber’s film only managed to get 1-2 points out of 10 while 1D got 3-4. But both had very low ratings there. I won’t give that low.

Okay, I will stop comparing. Let’s get back to ‘1D: This Is Us’. I’m glad that the movie shows a bit from the X-Factor competition where it all began for the five boys. If you didn’t know, they participated individually in the competition back in 2010, but then formed a group together under guidance by Simon Cowell. Despite only finished in third place, they continued to perform in the group and eventually achieved worldwide success and fame. The movie also offers several short talks with parents of each boys as expected. These parts should be heartfelt and emotional, but the movie only manages to achieve that minimally. But I think the movie did well and balanced on showing things from the five boys, mostly in group and also individually.

It is pretty engaging throughout the whole movie. It offered live singing of most of the popular songs by the band like ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘One Thing’, ‘Live While We’re Young’, etc. They performed very well and gives the movie a very energetic push, hence the movie successfully brought up the mood and joy of watching it.  I enjoyed their show seen from this film and it must have satisfied their fans too. We do see also the playful and fun side from One Direction, particularly when they were off-stage (in the bus, backstage, in camp, etc). I especially like the part when they put on make-ups to pull off pranks to their unknowing fans. The scene during the end credits is very hilarious too. The movie also highlighted their tireless lives going from one place to another to complete huge number of shows with passion and effort.


And also as expected, we do see also a lot of crazy excited fans screaming throughout the movie. A bit annoying, but you have to bear with it when you are watching this kind of idol-on-the-spot movie. Well, it’s something cannot be denied that they have a very strong and huge fanbase all over the world. And I was like ‘wow’, by the extremely massive turnouts of their fans shown in the movie anywhere in the world. The movie also presents the strong friendship within them and it’s somewhat quite interesting to watch. Overall, this movie delivered to its objective, and is somehow enjoyable, cheerful and fun to watch despite I’m not a fans of the group. However, I do like some of their very hit songs and I don’t mind going for their concert in future (only if there is no excessive screaming by the die-hard female fans). Wait? Maybe they will come to perform in KL soon in the planned Where We Are Tour this year. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ a total of 7.4. A very good rating indeed.


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