Inaugural My Blog City’s Best of TVB series, Hong Kong films and Hollywood films selections 2013

Usually after a whole year of watching several released TVB series and various Hong Kong and Hollywood films, I love to compile a list of who gave the best performance for the past year. Previously, I would keep that only in my mind or just contributing my thoughts or predictions before some upcoming film or series’ awards based on their nominations. Now, I’m going to make my own. It is only based on series or films of the year that I have watched, and it’s fully my own selection without influence from any parties. I’m not a professional judge, but I can consider myself eligible on choosing fairly on which one truly deserved.

Here it is for my selection : (the bold is the winner out of the listed top three finalists)

1st My Blog City’s Best of TVB Series Selection 2013

(For year 2013, I had only watched Inbound Troubles (IT), Brother’s Keeper (BK), The Hippocratic Crush II (THCII), A Great Way to Care II (AGWTCII), Triumph in the Skies II (TITSII), Bounty Lady (BL). 11 categories below.)

Best Series : Brother’s Keeper, Triumph in the Skies II, The Hippocratic Crush II

Best Leading Actor : Ruco Chan (BK), Dayo Wong (BL), Francis Ng (TITSII)

Best Leading Actress : Krystal Tin (BK), Tavia Yeung (THCII), Linda Chung (BK)

Best Supporting Actor: Him Law (THCII), Edwin Siu (AGWTCII), Ron Ng (TITSII)

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong (TITSII), Nancy Wu (TITSII), Mandy Wong (THCII)

Most Favourite TV Male Character: Julian Cheung (TITSII), Kenneth Ma (THCII), Wong Cho Lam (IT)

Most Favourite TV Female Character: Krystal Tin (BK), Kate Tsui (BL), Linda Chung (BK)

Most Favourite On-Screen Couple: Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung (THCII), Ruco Chan & Linda Chung (BK), Francis Ng & Fala Chen (TITSII)

Most Favourite Drama Theme Song: ‘Sequel’ by Joey Yung (THCII)

Most Improved TV Male Artiste: Bob Lam (IT)

Most Improved TV Female Artiste: Eliza Sam (THCII)

1st My Blog City’s Best of Hong Kong Film Selection 2013

(For year 2013, I had watched very little HK films. Only had watched 5; Blind Detective, Hotel Deluxe, I Love Hong Kong 2013, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters. Hence no finalists, only one winner picked in only 4 categories)

Best Film: Blind Detective

Best Leading Actor: Andy Lau (Blind Detective) – also won the Sitges 2013 (Spanish) Film Festival for Best Actor 

Best Leading Actress: Sammi Cheng (Blind Detective) – nominated, first runner-up in Taiwan’s 50th Golden Horse Awards 2013

Best Comedy Feature: Hotel Deluxe one of the most entertaining and hilarious Hong Kong films I have watched in recent years.

1st My Blog City’s Best of Hollywood Film Selection 2013

(For year 2013, I had watched over 30 Hollywood films, which is quite a drastic drop from previous years. Won’t list down all the films I had watched here. 5 categories below with the most intense competition being for the best leading actress category)

Best Film: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire, Gravity, The Conjuring

Best Leading Actor: Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips), Henry Cavill (Man of Steel), James Franco (Oz The Great and Powerful)

Best Leading Actress: Sandra Bullock (Gravity), Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games – Catching Fire), Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring)

Best Animated Feature: Frozen, Epic, Despicable Me II

Best Sci-Fi Film: Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Iron Man III

20 selections fully announced. The next one (2nd edition) will be on January 2015. Feel free to drop your opinion on my fair pick to this inaugural film and series selections with my blog being the host and I’m the judge. Haha…just for fun.


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