Today is the last day of 2013? Yup…

Hmmm…another year is gone. The first thing on my mind now is ‘What are the greatest things I have done this year that leave a lasting wonderful memory?’ It must be my family trip to Europe in early 2013 during the long Chinese New Year break. Eventhough the trip was a bit rushed and felt incomplete to cover six central European countries within 10 days, but I do have a great and relaxing time back then. The other oversea trip this year was the Cambodia trip during Hari Raya break and it still got me excited despite I had been to this country before. These two trips alone made my year slightly more awesome!

‘Typical working life’ best describes how I went through this whole year. In 2012, I had a few months of getting lazy and awesome break before settled on a job in last half of the year. This year, I think I’m already getting used to the working life as an architect (now still an assistant) since I have been doing the job from day one to the last day in 2013…and to continue in following year(s). Honestly, it’s quite boring, but well, that’s life. We have to work to earn money and survive, especially in recent time when our cost of living went up, thanks to the government on increasing prices on almost everything that matter to our daily life.

I heard that there may be a demonstration or some sort of gathering tonight, on the new year’s eve at Dataran Merdeka to protest the government’s unreasonable actions on price hike. Let’s hope no one is hurt tonight and that I prefer people to focus more on celebrating the arrival of new year 2014 with a joyful countdown instead. Do that protest on the other day. Tonight is all for countdown and party! Don’t spoil the mood. Many hotspots in KL would be very crowded tonight as usual as people packed the streets, clubs, cafes, parks and malls to join the fun and festive atmosphere to welcome 2014 with fireworks and shows. Where would be going tonight to celebrate?

I still couldn’t believe that today is already the last day of year 2013. That’s very quick. It happened like a glimpse of an eye that another year is over. 2013 had been an ordinary year for me, nothing fancy or extra unique, but I do accomplished several goals (like saving to a certain amount of money, going all smooth and done on time in my job, and some more which I prefer to keep it to myself…won’t be revealing too much of my private matters, right? haha) this year. I think I’m going to set few new goals or so called resolutions as famously known as at end of a year (won’t mention here too) for 2014, and I’m looking forward to that. Wish me luck and all the best!

And last but not least, I am happy to inform that this blog post is surprisingly the 1300th post of my blog. What a way to end the year; finishing year 2013 with 1300 posts in total. Double ’13’. By the way, let’s enjoy the last day of the year and get ready for the countdown and fun tonight!

Fireworks background


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