It’s real…December arrives! Let’s end the year great.

In the first few months of a year, I would be usually feeling chill and steady as I thought there would be a long year ahead to settle things up. By the time I’m standing in the middle of a year, emotion turned moody, bored with all the same daily routines and comes the urge in me to go for a holiday. Now, we are at the last month of the year. And what’s the first thing on my mind? 2013 ending soon? Unbelievable. And I felt like it was too short and I had done nothing remarkable throughout this 365 days. I wonder if you have such similar thought?

It’s real; December finally arrives. And as usual, this is going to be one of my joyful months. Why? First of all, this is my birthday month. I’m going to celebrate my 22nd birthday few days later. Birthday boy will put smile above any others this month. Next, this month would not only be awesome for me but also to all employees as we have all waited long enough for the year-end bonus. We have been working hard for the whole year and let’s hope that our effort could be seen and rewarded. And above all these, December is a festive month with Christmas celebration coming up, and so there is no reason for us not to enjoy it. I started to hear X’mas songs nowadays already. (Image below with original source from:


I had also set a target for my blog before the year ends. My goal is to have the year ends with 1300th post in my blog. Hence, there are now 10 more posts to go and I already had in my mind on what to put for the 10 posts before 2014 arrives. Good planning. People always praised me for being organized. It’s cool, but I do realize that sometimes being too systematic isn’t good. Right? December will also be the time as usual for me to highlight or re-cap on some of the major happenings in the world throughout the year, providing all with a bit of flashback moment at this time of the year.

Now, it’s winter season, but not for us living here in Malaysia, a country that observes permanent tropical weather. As snow is something not of a norm to me, I love it (but not the freezing temperature). To turn my blog into a place that feels like it’s in winter to suit the mood, I had the blog header of the month being an overwhelming visual of a calm idyllic setting accompanied with falling snow. How beautiful is it. And it matches well with the snow falling effect to the site that will only present on this month. Whenever I clicked to my blog, this visual would ‘brings’ me in to be part of the relaxing snowy atmosphere. A copy of the blog header below (you can see the full size one directly above). (Original source of the image:×535.jpg.)

December 2013 blog header

Last but not least, let us get our mood up to accomplish things on this last month of the year, and enjoy it your way so that we can end it awesome and called off the year great!


Unfortunately, we started the month with a very tragic news. Paul Walker, one of the main stars in the highly popular street-racing film franchise; Fast and Furious passed away yesterday due to fatal car crash and explosion at California, involving a red Porsche car driven by his friend (Paul was just a passenger, both dead) . He, 40, was currently filming for the 7th instalment of the franchise. Rest in peace, Paul Walker. He was a great actor.



(Image source:–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD00NDA7cT03NTt3PTYzMA–/


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