Movie review: Thor – The Dark World (2013)

Not long after the event in ‘The Avengers’ film last year, we observed the comeback of Iron Man again on its third solo instalment early this year. On that one, we saw Tony Stark of course and also a bit of Hulk (remember the post-credit scene in Iron Man 3?). Now, before the year ends, here came another Marvel’s production; this time a Thor sequel and named ‘The Dark World’. This, the superhero must be Thor himself, but surprisingly, audiences will also got to see a bit of Captain America (you will know when you watch it).


In ‘Thor: The Dark World’, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reunited with Jane (Natalie Portman), his lover and Loki (Tom Hiddleston), his half-brother to face an enemy known as Dark Elves that not only wish to destroy Asgard but also aim to bring darkness to the whole universe. The movie begins with storytelling of what had happened several thousand years ago to the Dark Elves that will eventually unleashed on this day to take revenge and to fulfill their ruthless ambition. Then, the story develops and frequently switches from events on Asgard, then on Malekith (dark elves leader)’s ruined home world (I forgot the name…it started with ‘Sva…’), and also on Earth, and back and forth.

Not only did the various strange names of places or people that got me a bit blurred, the heavy plot that runs from this planet to few others also had me slightly confused. I would prefer for a simpler plot but still with effective villain and a solid story. There are also quite a number of unnecessary lengthy scenes especially some long boring talks. Replace those draggy parts with more thrilling action scenes, then this Thor sequel would be much greater. There are a number of battle sequences but mostly are not intense or exciting enough to call it Thor’s challenging adventure even with his powerful hammer. Some funny scenes are good, but that’s not the main thing we are looking for.


Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman delivered solid performance as usual, but the one I wish to highlight the most is Tom Hiddleston, portraying ‘Loki’. After being given a heavyweight villain role in ‘The Avengers’, there is a strong appeal on his character continued to this Thor sequel as a prisoner freed by Thor to help him save the universe. Tom nailed this character on which at this point is quite complicated as he stands on line between good and bad. He tend to be quite funny in several scenes here and I enjoyed it. It’s quite interesting also to watch him, once a supervillain, now working together with his half-brother to do something good instead. The last scene before rolling credits involving him is very surprising. I don’t wish to reveal much more spoiler here.


I couldn’t feel any spark between Thor and Jane, hence their romance storyline here is poor. On the other hand, the visual effect is splendid and it has to be for a superhero film like this that required several alien planets and involves odd-looking structures and machines. Generally, this Thor sequel is slightly better than its predecessor but compared to other Marvel’s superhero films, Thor still lacked in power. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Thor: The Dark World’ a total of 6.9. If you have not watch it, remember to stay for a while after the last scene as there is a mid-credit scene on which I don’t get it. Hmm…the next Marvel’s superhero film should be ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ which will be up early next year.

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