Holiday today, hence ample of time for TV drama and movie!

Many people were taking a day leave yesterday so that they can enjoy a long four-day break from the past Deepavali weekend till this day, when the Muslims celebrate ‘Awal Muharram’. I didn’t apply for any leave as I wish to save it for my coming Chinese New Year break early next year. Anyway, no Monday blues yesterday. Much lesser cars in the morning, and hence no traffic congestion. Excellent! But at the same time, I got jealous by those taking leave. Well, today is a relaxing Tuesday with a public holiday here in Malaysia. Happy ‘Awal Muharram’ to all my Malay friends.

Not only I did manage to sleep a little longer this morning, this break also gives me plenty of time to catch up with TV drama and movie! My most anticipated TVB drama of the year, ‘The Hippocratic Crush II’ finally premiered yesterday after another good drama ‘Brother’s Keeper’ ended its run last weekend. As one of the TVB anniversary dramas, this sequel is very promising and is likely to be as good as its successful predecessor released early last year. If you didn’t know about it, it’s a Hong Kong medical-themed series that starred Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Lawrence Ng, Him Law, etc. More details of it will be provided once I finished watching it by mid of December when I will be writing a review for it too.



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Its first episode is already that awesome. I hope that ‘awesomeness’ will continues all the way till its finale in 30th episode, then this will stands a very high chance for ‘best series’ win in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. I observed every well-received aspects from the first instalment were brought back to the first episode alone; intense scenes in the busy hospital with every doctors ‘on-call’, sweetness between Benjamin and Mandy and of course between Kenneth and Tavia too, emotional moments derived from a particular patient and also valuable meaningful messages on life conveyed just like the original series. And the new theme song (still by Joey Yung) is quite nice too. On the other hand, I had a great time watching the latest episode of ‘Super Trio Maximus’ too. This game show which is always hilarious and entertaining made my day.

It’s Tuesday afternoon. If there is no break, I’m typically sitting in my office, with my face in front of my desktop full of Autocad drawings most of the time. That’s life of an architect! Thanks to the holiday, now I spent the leisure time, watching a new animated movie; ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’. Usually, I will write a post solely on review of a particular new film, but not for this. There is nothing much I can comment on this movie. I can just say that the first one back in 2009 was much better and interesting. The story continues with Flint now working with Live Corp under his idol, Chester, had to return to his island with his same gang after learning that his food machine is still operational and is churning out menacing food-animal hybrids. Sounds interesting but I can assure you that this sequel is too predictable, shallow and will only please the kids. The ‘colourful’ adventure turned out to be plain and of no surprise of what will follows, hence nothing exciting or brilliant.


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