November 2013 kicks off with two festive greetings at once.

First of all, I hope it’s not to late to send my Halloween greeting to whoever celebrating it particularly to my friends from the West. Had a great Halloween night yesterday? How do you celebrate it? Having fun in a costume party, trick or treat, getting into a haunted house, or watching a horror movie? At here in Malaysia, there is nothing much exciting to catch up for this festival as it is not that popular over here or perhaps we are not that ‘westernised’. In conjunction with Halloween, many are sharing their past spooky encounters yesterday through radio programme. Just by listening, I already felt slightly eerie in the early morning eventhough I don’t know whether it’s real or not. I myself had no such experience to share, and of course I don’t wish to.

It’s November 1st now. The first day of November this year is sandwiched between two separate festivals. A day before, like what I had mentioned, we observed the Halloween. And tomorrow, we would be seeing another major festival; Deepavali. For the West, people may not know what is this. But for Malaysia that is rich in cultures, we do observe this festival as a public holiday as it is a major celebration by the Indian community. It’s the Festival of Lights, usually associated with ‘kolam’ decorations (a form of painting by using rice powder/chalk/chalk powder/white rock powder) and lighting of lamps to signify the triumph of good over evil. Too bad, the festival this year falls on Saturday, and hence the public holiday is wasted.


(Image source:

Actually I’m quite confused. Some calendars had the Deepavali falls on 2nd November (Saturday) while some marks it on 3rd November (Sunday). When is the exact date actually? Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish to all Indians particularly my friends from this community a Happy Deepavali! I missed attending to Deepavali’s open house organized by my friends or by my dad’s clients many years ago eventhough I don’t really like the food. I didn’t mean that I dislike Indian food (I love ‘roti canai’). I just remembered I don’t like the food served during the past open houses I attended.

Hmm…it’s November now. The blog header of the month is designed based on the theme of ‘light’. This is somehow or coincidentally quite related to Deepavali, Festival of Light. The ‘light’ interpretation on the header’s visual is very abstract. I like to go on abstract approach now as it leaves wide possibility of thoughts (as in this case, positive thoughts as ‘light’ is always associated with good stuff or positivity). The image is taken from ( and edited to my blog’s preference. A copy of the blog’s header of the month below: (click on it for larger and clearer version)

November 2013 blog header

“Light is mysteriously powerful.” Hopefully, we would have a positive life ahead to pave way for brighter future. May my blog brings ‘light’ to your life. I don’t think my blog is that impacting, right? Haha…


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