Terrified by the 3 separate murder cases in this week alone. Malaysia is really not a safe place anymore.

For those who are staying updated with local news, you must have known the cosplay killing, bank shooting and stabbing frenzy incidents. And I couldn’t believe that these three separate murder cases happened in this week alone. I’m really saddened by all the tragic news I had been reading this week, particularly on these terrifying murders of which all took place in Selangor and KL. Locals whom had been informed earlier by news of tremendous increase of murder cases this year had been discussing on these topics for the week and we had generally came to a conclusion: Malaysia is really not a safe place to live now.

Earlier this week on Monday, a 15-year-old girl was last seen leaving her home to meet a friend to work on cosplay outfits for upcoming competition. Her mother had been widely sharing photo of her daughter through social media once she is reported missing and I had even seen the photo before news of her death came. On Tuesday night, the friend whom she met on Monday confessed to the murder after being questioned and brought police to the place where he kept the body in a green luggage. The 23-year-old suspect allegedly tried to rape her before bludgeoning her head with a dumbbell. The victim met this friend through online and both shared similar interest; cosplay, a hobby of dressing up as a character from Japanese manga or anime.

On Wednesday, a 37-year-old bank officer is shot dead by the bank’s security guard in the afternoon when she was opening a safe with her colleague. The murderer shot the mother of two in the face using a pumpgun before forcing the terrified colleague to load a bag with cash from the safe. Guard whom is supposed to protect and safeguard everyone in the process turned out to be a violent killer and robber. A CCTV footage showing the murder from quite a distance is uploaded to YouTube and there is even an image showing the body of the deceased at the crime scene shared in Facebook. Not only the murder is sinful, but the act of uploading and sharing the disturbing clip and image is very wrong and disrespectful too.

A day after, another mad killing happened. And this one took two innocent lives and severely injured two others. On Thursday’s morning, a cigarette delivery boy went to a kiosk at a LRT station to deliver a shipment of cigarettes. Out of sudden, he pulled out a knife and stabbed the outlet proprietor and her helper. The two were injured. Then, he drove off and rammed into a van. The owner of the van got out to investigate and he stabbed him several times, leaving him to die on the busy road. That isn’t the end yet. The murderer got back to his car and collided with another vehicle not long after. He got out and confronted the soon-to-graduate student. The student ran away to escape from the crazed killer but was being chased down and stabbed to death.

I sincerely expressed my deepest condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the deceased. May the lost innocent souls rest in peace and these murderers shall be put to justice. I’m really terrified and saddened by these heartbreaking news. Now, I have to say I’m quite worried of my safety whenever I’m outside especially when I’m alone. Things could really go terribly wrong out of sudden. Malaysia is a very dangerous place now, proven by alarming number of murder cases on this year alone. How I wish I could only see positive or happy news from this day onwards, or at least a lot lesser of tragic news.


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