Surprising: Some famous HK stars whom had a past architecture background.

I found out that most of present Hong Kong celebrities do not actually thought of venturing into entertainment industry in early years when they were still in schooling. Many of them were graduated or had undertaken higher education before being discovered and signed by music or film companies. And surprisingly, here I am going to reveal some of the Hong Kong’s big names whom had a past architecture background and yet left the field to join entertainment industry that led to their present fame and success.

First in the list is Eason Chan. Every Chinese must have heard of his songs. He is a prominent male singer, a front runner in the next generation of Cantopop music and has been nicknamed as the third ‘God of Song’ after Samuel Hui and Jacky Cheung. He had won also a number of prestigious awards in annual music awards presentation. But there is one thing most of you doesn’t know of him; he studied architecture at Kingston University, London. However, he returned to Hong Kong before the degree’s completion to participate in 1995 New Talent Singing Competition in which he won first place.  Immediately after his victory, he is signed on by a music company, ending his future career as an architect while launching his successful career in music. No longer involved in architecture, he now majors in music and sometimes appears in several films too.


Second in the list is Daniel Wu. Females must be fascinated by his good look, athletic body and fluent English. He is currently a famous Hong Kong actor, director and producer. Since his film debut in 1998, he has been featured in over 60 films and had previously won Golden Horse Film Awards for best supporting actor and Hong Kong Film Awards for best director. His stardom rises in film industry from his villain role in Jackie Chan’s film ‘New Police Story’. And the surprising news is that he completed degree in architecture from University of Oregon, US. He travelled back to Hong Kong in 1997 after that to witness the handover of Hong Kong with no intention of taking on a movie career. He started out in modelling before being approached by film company that contributed to his success in following years.


The third or last in the list is Raymond Lam. He is no stranger in Hong Kong television series for over a decade. He is a prominent television actor from TVB, Hong Kong largest television station and later found success also in music. In recent years, he had also involved into acting in films. Let’s look to a bit of his background. He was born to a wealthy family of which his father is a renowned real-estate and construction developer in mainland China. He studied architecture in Xiamen University for 1st year, and then completed the rest in University of Southern California, with minoring in music too. He chose architecture so that he could fulfill his father’s wish to succeed his business in future. Since he found success in entertainment industry, I don’t think he will revert his mind to be back on architecture field.


Now you know what do Eason Chan, Daniel Wu and Raymond Lam share in common. They are all famous Hong Kong celebrities whom had a bit of architecture background in the past, but didn’t utilize or make use of it into their career respectively. This is something most people didn’t know. They were considered making the right decision, since now three of them found tremendous success and fame respectively. But then, their knowledge in architecture is put to a waste.

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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