And now comes the last quarter of the year 2013.

From now on, I can start saying that 2013 is going to end soon. This no joke. We have arrived to the last quarter of the year; three months remaining before we bid farewell to another year. September 2013 was a great month for me in various aspects. First of all is of course the Malaysia Day public holiday that falls on Monday that we got to enjoy. That longer weekend definitely had me chilled and relaxed sufficiently. There is also very minimal stress or pressure in my work last month. Now that is much better.

I also find myself quite lucky last month. I always win in anything either in games on my phone, or in rummy games every weekend with family or even in Genting Highlands’ casino. I’m happy that luck is on my side, and I know it will not last forever. But still I hope the luck stays with me as long as possible, so that I can win more. Haha. Greedy already. Last month alone, I also get to meet new people, make new friends, from within my working industry or beyond it. I’m very satisfied with I have been through in September 2013. Things went smooth and well, except for a small car accident early last month. Very minimal damage to my car, and no one is hurt. So everything is still fine.

Now, here comes October 2013. I expected my workload to build up, and I’m hoping I can still manage my job and my time efficiently. Efficiency is the thing that drives me to who I am now, eventhough sometimes I do allow laziness to penetrate inside me. I’m still a human. This applies to all adults. Don’t stress yourself up. As for children, study hard and study smart as final exams are just around the corner. After that, you all get to enjoy long end-year break unlike us.

My blog had just celebrated its 5th anniversary few days ago. Thanks to WordPress for sending me an anniversary greeting message on that day. Now, my blog officially entered its 6th year. It gets more ‘matured’ on the write-ups I produced, while on the other hand, I gets older. Have to admit it. Time is precious and irreplaceable and cannot be paused or reversed. And for this month’s blog header, I’m taking the opportunity to remind everyone on how important time is! It’s also to remind myself to do more great and productive things this year before it ends. If not, I would find myself having gone through the year like doing nothing. Do you feel the same like me? Hmm…I love this quote I saw just now from the internet; ‘Live every moment, love every day, ’cause before you know it, precious time slips away’. Very well said.

October 2013 blog header copy


A copy of this month’s blog header above. (Image source: By the way, let’s wish for a great October to all of us and try to spend the time available as great as possible as everyone of us had no idea when our time is up. Right?



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