Happy awesome 5th birthday to my blog here!


28th September 2008 was the day I started out this blog. Not long after Beijing 2008 Olympics, my passion on writing stuff (on anything that I find interesting and is deserving to be shared) builds up. I wish to put it down on a book or a diary, but that’s no point if no one else read it. It’s not something intended to be secretive or confidential. Internet had been a very powerful and influential tool in our present time. Hence, I turn to blogging, a medium that could share my words to every parts of the world. By 28th September 2008, my thought finally transformed to solid action; by creating this blog through WordPress after several steps to set up.

What’s the date today? It’s 28th September 2013. That’s exactly five years from the ‘birth’ of my blog. I couldn’t say anything else besides than wishing my blog a wonderful 5th birthday! My blog, which I considered part of my life is now 5 years old! My ‘baby’ is now 5 years old! Five years ago, it’s a humble and small little blog not known to many others. Now, it gained over two million visits, attracted over two thousand comments, having posts shared over a thousand times, and is followed by over 100 people around the world. If compares to many other giant blog sites (usually with hundred of authors), my blog here is no where to be seen. However, I am very pleased, satisfied and grateful of the current position of my blog which is fully run all by myself.

Of course I couldn’t remember the mood I had when I first created this blog five years ago, but I’m certain for now that happiness overwhelms me that my blog had comes to this far. Five years up, and is still active with me trying my best to frequently update my blog with interesting information from architecture to international events or news and more individually to things I encountered in my daily life that I find worth sharing. It’s very vibrant or dynamic, as I believe our life is never all about a single aspect only. I admit that back in early years of my blog, I had written a lot of posts with very little effort, poor sentencing or bad grammar. I’m improving myself consistently on this and is very much evident if you compare my recent write-ups with my posting few years back. Now, my posts are not badly written, right?

In conjunction with my blog’s 5th anniversary, there would be a complimentary kiss from me. Haha…just joking. It’s okay. At least, there’s beautiful virtual fireworks display in this post to celebrate.



If you are a constant reader of my blog, you should have realize this from my blog’s header of the month. It’s a cool visual highlighting on my blog’s 5th anniversary. Last but not least, I would like to wish again to my blog here (www.vincentloy.wordpress.com) a great 5th birthday and also taking this opportunity to congratulate (compliment too) myself for bringing this blog to this far. Google had its 15th anniversary celebration recently, and my blog here named ‘Vincent Loy – My Blog City’ had its 5th anniversary too (not to miss out). Great!



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