Uninspiring performance from TVB series overall this year

The year is almost coming to an end, and out of 20 series scheduled, there are 4 more series left to broadcast before TVB calls for its annual anniversary awards in December. Out of the four, two; ‘The Hippocratic Crush II’ and ‘Will Power’ are the anniversary series which are the last to air and are usually emphasized and given more advantage before the awards presentation. That’s the pattern of TVB all these years. Three quarters of the year is almost over, and I just realized that I have been watching very less amount of TVB series this year.

Of course, Hong Kong series still stand out if compared to our local production here which is almost reaching to a hopeless point. Hong Kong series has a very good history, and has a number of popular artists still attached to TVB, the city’s biggest TV station. However, in recent years, it is quite obvious that its frequency of delivering dramas with awesome quality is lessening. Many famous artists left the station, particularly to mainland China to earn more and to enjoy enough rest between filming schedules, unlike in TVB, when artists are reportedly paid low and treated with tight schedules and bad scripts. There are not much series nowadays that could gets my attention, and that is why I’m so free now and had much free time to update my blog writing on this particular issue.

This year, I had only watched three series so far (this amount is very unusual for me who has been rooting to TVB for many years from when I was a child). So far, I had watched Inbound Troubles, A Great Way to Care II and Triumph in the Skies II. The first one was quite interesting, with comedic touch to it (thanks mostly to Cho Lam) that entertain us very well. The second one proved to be much dramatic with heavier casts, while lastly, the pilot-centred drama no doubt fills all anticipation so far to those who have been very fascinated by its predecessor ten years ago. On the other hand, I quit watching ‘Bullet Brain’ and ‘Beauty at War’ when the two had not even reach halfway yet. Both are seriously bad. I expect myself to watch another three before the awards presentation. And the one I’m looking forward the most must be ‘The Hippocratic Crush II’, a sequel to the original one which is very successful last year.

There are like two months away before the nomination list for the annual awards presentation is announced, but people are now starting to guess which series has the potential to win the best drama, or which artists may stand a chance to win best actor or actress. I would like to join in the early guessing game too, and let’s see whether my prediction is true or not. For best series, I think it’s a fight between ‘Inbound Troubles’ (this must be a strong dark horse), ‘The Hippocratic Crush II’ (cannot judge early, but I see potential on it too), and ‘Triumph in the Skies II’. This year, sequel is attaining more success.

As for best actor, my pick for top 5 would be Kenneth Ma, Francis Ng, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan and Ruco Chan. Ohh, another surprise; Raymond Lam is not in a single series this year. As for best actress, my top 5 pick would be Tavia Yeung, Joey Meng, Linda Chung, Fala Chen and Kate Tsui. This three major awards are to be determined by popular audience voting system (like last year). As for most favourite male character, I think high chance is on Julian Cheung as Captain Kool in ‘Triumph in the Skies II’. His performance created extreme buzz and is very well liked especially by female audiences. For most favourite female character, I had no comment. That’s it. I won’t analyse much yet. I will bring this up in more detail by November, when the heat and race is on for the coveted awards.


2 Responses to “Uninspiring performance from TVB series overall this year”

  1. Hey there Vincent. Just wondering if you have watched the War and Beauty before? I agree with you how disappointing Beauty at War was but I suggest you watch War and Beauty, which was a classic drama!

    • vincentloy Says:

      Dear Anthony,

      Yea. Of course I had watched War and Beauty. As you said, it’s a classic drama. A very beautiful and interesting series a decade ago.

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