This Monday is great with Malaysia Day holiday.

Not more than three weeks ago, Malaysians celebrate the country’s 56th independence day on 31st August this year. 56 years ago, Malaya (now Peninsular Malaysia) gained official independence from British that ruled the country previously. From there on, we had our own King (Yang Di-Pertuan Agong) and also our own Prime Minister (the first being Tunku Abdul Rahman) to run the democratic-based government. Well, that was from 1957 onwards, and is not to be confused with Malaysia Day celebration that started only in 1963 onwards.

For those that are not familiar with history of Malaysia, let me share a bit for you. You may it find it quite interesting as our country has two celebrations related to the country’s independence. Not long after Malaya gained independence, there had been talks to unite together with North Borneo (now Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore to form a single country in South East Asia region for a much stronger and stable federation. Despite receiving objections from neighbouring countries like Philippines and Indonesia, the idea materialized. Malaysia is then formed on 16th September 1963. That is how the Malaysia Day celebration came from.

Not long after, distrust and ideological differences sparked between leaders of the State of Singapore and the federal government of Malaysia. Such issues resulted in frequent disagreement within politics, economic, financial and social policies. Hence, on 9th August 1965, Singapore withdrawn itself from the federation, leading to the island’s independence on the same day.

In previous years, Malaysia Day had not been taken too seriously. Malaysians have only started observing the Malaysia Day celebration as a public holiday beginning year 2010 as our current Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak stressed on its importance and meaning to the country and the people. And on this year, the celebration falls on Monday, which of course making our weekend much happier with an extra day of break. Certainly no more Monday blues. This year, 2013’s celebration also marked 50th anniversary of formation of Malaysia. That’s half of a century.



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Happy 50th Malaysia Day to all Malaysians! Remember, we should see ourself as Malaysians first before differentiating the people by races. Unity is important. ‘One Malaysia’ slogan is pointless if the government is doing the other way and if the people’s mindset stays arrogant. And last but not least, happy holiday!


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  1. i’m realy proud to be “ANAK MALAYSIA” !

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