First time to MATTA Fair 2013. To go China early next year.

MATTA (Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents) Fair is held twice in a year, targeting people who are looking forward to travel within Malaysia or to oversea soon. The currently running MATTA Fair 2013 takes place in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from 6 to 8th September 2013. This year, the event combines with World Islamic Tourism Mart (WITM) 2013 to attract more Muslims to travel. The fair nevertheless still had most Chinese visiting. Well, so today is the last day to compare prices offered by various travel agencies and to purchase with greatest promotions. The admission fees for adult is RM 4.00 per pax and free admission for children aged 12 and below.


(Image source from the fair’s official website:

I have been going for an oversea trip at least once in a year for the past six years. I should have been a frequent visitor to travel fairs like this one. Surprisingly, I’m not. Usually, my dad would be the one settling all these out and what I do is only choosing the destination and gets prepared for the trip. Previously, we usually go straight to a particular travel company to question for details. This is my first time visiting MATTA Fair. And to be honest with you, I’m living in KL for the past 22 years, and this is also my first time visiting PWTC.

The roads leading up to PWTC are all congested. Luckily, we were not affected as we came by LRT. Eventhough Malaysians are complaining so much on the higher cost of living in the country in recent years, many still had the ‘ability’ to plan to travel oversea as observed from the massive crowd on this day alone, the last day of the fair. Many booths were set up in several halls in PWTC, and we almost went through all of them. In the end, we spent approximately four to five hours (so tiring after that), with most of the time used up on listening to packages offered and finding companies that offered our preferable choice of destinations that are within our designated budget.

The good thing from this fair is that almost all the tour companies gathered together, providing convenience to people to ask for details easily, to compare prices and places, to look for preferable travel agency and to book or purchase directly, all from this single fair. But the bad things are the lack of signboards to give visitors clear direction on where to go  (we don’t know how to get out from the massive hall) and also the extremely cold temperature in some halls from the heavy use of air-conditioning.

My dad wishes to go to China on next year’s Chinese New Year holiday (every year on this break we would be out for trip). The previous year we have been to China was on 2009. It would be five years already if we would go there again in 2014. And so, I agreed despite China being my least favourite choice. In most of my previous trips, my focus would be on architecture and famous landmarks. This time for the trip in early 2014, I seek for nature wonders. Finally, we selected Yunnan, Lijiang + Shangri-La, famous for spectacular and breathtaking mother nature. We would be off to China from 1st to 8th February 2014 for the 8-days trip. That’s five months from now.


(Shown above is somewhere beautiful and extremely cold that I would be there on February 2014. Image source:


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