Movie review: Kick Ass 2 (2013)

Well, time for another superhero film. But this is not something like Batman, Spiderman, or Superman with their respective superpowers or extraordinary abilities. It’s Kick Ass, an ordinary high school guy like any of us but fitted in costume trying to be a real-life superhero on this real world. This idea is conceived in first film in 2010 and was quite well-received, leading to its sequel coming out this year. In Kick Ass 2 that took place several years after the events in first film, Dave as Kick Ass had retired from fighting crime, while Hit Girl who lost her father in first film continued to train herself in secret.



On the other hand, Chris planned to take revenge on Kick Ass by calling himself a supervillain named ‘Motherfucker’ (previously named ‘Red Mist’) and hired a badass team. Oppss…I have to be rough in my language here to complement the style of this movie. And so, Kick Ass reunited with Hit Girl, and joined a group of costumed heroes inspired by him to kick the Motherfucker’s ass. Well, this movie is not for kids as there’s a lot of profanity, and some scenes are not suitable for this particular demographic. This time, there are also much more bloody and intense violence. For adults though, we would enjoy this film.

After doing a bit of research regarding the film’s production after watching it, I am surprised that the character Colonel Stars and Stripes is portrayed by Jim Carrey. With the mask on most of the time, I couldn’t really pay attention to who he is. He had several minutes in the movie and his character got killed off in the middle. Sorry for that spoiler. Aaron Taylor-Johnson looks good and more matured on his comeback  as Kick Ass in this sequel. Same goes to Chloe Grace as Hit Girl who has grown up and looks cool with most actions in the film derived from her. I like the fighting scene of her on a car trying to save Kick Ass. Awesome. But still, actually I don’t find the necessity to show so much of gory and bloody parts this time around.

Film Title: Kick-Ass 2

It is the ‘Mother Russia’ character that everyone has to be afraid of. The way she took on the police in a scene is crazy. Let me tell you that this movie is not only about all the violence, gore and vulgarity. There is adequate character development, rude humor and space for the story to flow while providing sufficient emotional touch a bit here and there. All that combines for a rough and ironically fun action movie. Good entertainment. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Kick Ass 2’ a total of 7.3. The first one is great, and its sequel now is not bad either. There might be another sequel coming up to end this franchise (I’m looking forward to), indicated from a short scene after the credits that opens the door for that possibility. I won’t tell you what’s that brief scene is about.

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