Everyone is abuzz with fuel price hike.

People are already feeling moody on this Monday blues. And yet, the government made it worse for every Malaysians by announcing the increase of fuel price to 20 cents per litre effective 12am, 3rd September 2013 (this midnight). Luckily, my car is still in quite a full tank today and so tonight before clock strikes 12am, I don’t need to ‘join’ the expected massive crowd of cars lining up at any petrol stations in the country. But I have to tell this news quick to my family so they can pump petrol before the rate increases. This applies to RON95 petrol. Go, before time runs out, as you can save few ringgits.

Well, that’s early gift (‘best’ Merdeka present too) from the current government after recently continued their victory in the country’s general election which also saw their worst setback in the coalition’s history. Here I would like to ‘thank’ to those people who are ‘blinded’ by their words or manifestos and voted for them, that brought us to situations like this. In recent years, it had been observed that the fuel price keeps on increasing. Yes, I have to agree that our country has very low rate on charging fuel. Well, that’s because our country is rich in fuel resources, and yet, you are taking so much from the people for the benefits of some.

Increment of 5 cents per litre is still acceptable. Now, it’s increase of 20 cents per litre. That’s too much, and it’s more of an action of robbing the citizens indirectly. And on the other hand, I’m obviously excited with what The Star news is reporting regarding this matter. It is a great local news portal, but its image is ruined by obvious politically-biased reports. That is why I said I am excited every time I’m reading news from this source. People are now setting social networking sites abuzz with overwhelming negative response to this announcement of fuel price hike.

And surprisingly, The Star reports the total opposite. Check this out: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/09/02/Fuel-price-hike-Twitter-responds.aspx , and http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/09/02/ron95-up-20-sen.aspx. Honestly, I laughed when I finished reading these two particular articles. And it’s not just on this matter. They are too politically-biased. That’s the product of government-controlled media. The government announced that this move will reduce the country’s fiscal deficit, thus saving RM 1.1 billion per year for the government. What a joke! Our country can be very prosperous, but is now in serious state of heading to bankruptcy soon as indicated even by the government themselves now too. So, they have no other choice but to implement this action.

Or are they saving that much of money for other purpose? ……You knew, I knew. I won’t elaborate further. What I’m afraid more is that this fuel price increment will leads to prices of other daily items going up too. Then, we are heading to higher and much burdening cost of living soon. And yet, our salary didn’t go proportional in that pattern. To save cost, try cycling (working destination too far), try public transport (public transportation system here is bad), or try hybrid cars then (that is so costly). So, no choice. Back to motorcar. And please don’t increase it again anytime soon. But I think they will, anyway. Haiz… I’m fed up!


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