Why is it on Saturday? Anyway, Happy 56th Merdeka Day!

Why is 31st August this year falls on Saturday? If it’s a day earlier, then we are going to enjoy the Independence Day’s public holiday on Friday. If it’s on a day later (on Sunday), the following Monday would be designated as public holiday too. Either way, we would be having a longer weekend. But now, the fact is it’s on Saturday. Too bad. Only usual two-days break on this weekend. Nevermind, not long after that, we are going to enjoy another public holiday soon on 16th September (which is on Monday) due to Malaysia Day.

Tomorrow, we would be celebrating 56th Independence Day of the nation. I have heard of the theme of the Independence celebration this year, but I couldn’t remember it because it’s just too long and not iconic enough. I recalled something that carries the message of willingness to sacrifice for the country. Ahh, it’s ‘Malaysiaku Berdaulat, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku’. Long right? For me, honestly, I wouldn’t be that noble to sacrifice till ‘the drop of my blood’ but I would love to contribute for the country. My parents always encourage me to work oversea in near future since there is a much brighter exposure and opportunities in many other countries. I couldn’t help but to agree, but in the end, Malaysia is still my ‘root’, the place where I was born. I will still be back if I have went to somewhere else.

National flags were put up everywhere in conjunction with this celebration. On each day this week, while I am working in my office, I heard loud noises of military aircrafts flying by over the sky of Kuala Lumpur, the capital where most of the Independence Day celebration will be held. These aircrafts must be performing for the Independence Day Parade tomorrow’s morning. On the other hand, the Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition returns this year. There would be fireworks display synchronised with beautiful music by six competing countries (including Malaysia) over the beautiful administrative city of Putrajaya at night of 30th and 31st August, 13th, 14th and 15th September and also on 2nd October 2013. Each show would be around 25-minutes long. This might be one of the events you would not want to miss. I had watched one of the fireworks shows few years back and it’s fantastic.

Today is Merdeka Eve, and it’s going to be a much more happening and festive Friday than ever. Of course, much worst traffic congestion is predicted all over the city as night approaches. I have just returned home from work, just finished escaping from the madness on the roads. People, particularly tourists and youngsters will party all out tonight and countdown to the nation’s 56th independence anniversary at several popular hotspots particularly at Bukit Bintang area, KLCC, Dataran Merdeka, etc. By 12am, there would be fireworks display from these places as usual. I take this opportunity to wish a bit early to all Malaysians, Happy 56th Merdeka Day! (Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-56!) May our country continue to excel and fast becoming developed nation by 2020 as targeted in Wawasan 2020.

56 merdeka

(Image source: http://www.hasani.com.my/images/56%20merdeka.png)


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