Durian season is back! Lovely.

Nearby my house, there is a road between two close roundabouts that is nicknamed ‘Durian Road’. It’s just a typical road but not when the durian season comes. Now, durian season is back and the roadside is filled with many stalls selling the king of fruits. Tons of durians are piling on the ground, usually attracting a lot of buyers at night and sometimes causing traffic congestion along the road. Whenever we drive pass the road, we would smell strong durian aroma which may be unpleasant to durian haters but not to me, a durian lover.

But the price durians are on sale here is quite high. We can only afford to have ‘durian kampung’ (typical village durian) which is at lower cost, while the much better quality type of durians like D24 and Musang King are out of our sight as they are very expensive here. But we are lucky enough yesterday that my brother-in-law brought a lot of D24 and Musang King durians back from Pahang. Yummy…really delicious. The strong taste, creamy texture and yellowish orange colour of the fruit is really mouth watering. I’m going to eat a lot eventhough knowing it’s not actually good for health. But trying it for only few times in a year shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Nowadays, durian is used to flavour wide variety of foods particularly sweet edibles. There are now durian cake, durian cheese cake, durian crepe, durian pancake, durian cream puff (famous in Malacca. I miss this one), durian roll, durian sweets, durian chips, durian ice cream, durian milkshakes, durian cappuccinos, durian pancake, durian mooncakes, etc. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching and mooncake sale is on the run. What’s heavily advertised now is the Musang King durian mooncake. The price of typical lotus seed paste mooncake is already extremely high nowadays, and so I couldn’t imagine the cost of having one Musang King durian mooncake. Forget about it.

Now, Malaysia starts to do foreign business involving durians. Sydney, Australia will be the first foreign market to receive Malaysian durians in fresh chilled form through a new packaging technology.  It’s a way to make money and also to promote the king of fruits internationally. Malaysians oversea whom like durian would treat it as a good news for them as they would finally have the opportunity to taste the fruit even in foreign land. On the other hand, I also heard news that people from China are purposely organizing trips to Malaysia recently just to try durians. Wah,.,some more crazier durian lovers than me.



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