Update again for the supertall Shanghai Tower.

From now on, I think I couldn’t get my eyes off the updates on the under-construction Shanghai Tower at least for once in a month. I have been frequently visiting the Skyscrapercity forum websites to check on construction progress of several supertalls and Shanghai Tower now got the most of my attention. The tower has recently had its structure topped out at an approximate height of 600 metres above ground, but it will few months later that the glass crown will finish the tower to final astonishing height of 632 metres.


I think I had written quite a lot of posts regarding this very impressive-looking tower on this year alone. In previous years, the building’s construction was still at early stage and was no where to be seen in the midst of Pudong skyline, Shanghai. However from this year onwards, the building started to get noticeable even from very far distance as it continues to rise up quickly and towering all other surrounding buildings including its’ two neighbouring supertalls; 492m Shanghai World Financial Center and 421m Jin Mao Tower. Even when it’s now not completed yet, but Shanghai Tower had already bring about a strong visual or impact to Shanghai’s breathtaking city skyline.



The skyscraper which is designed by Gensler, is now already the tallest building in China, and once fully completed next year, it will be officially the tallest structure in China too (surpassing Canton Tower, Guangzhou which stands at a height of 600 metres) and also becoming the world’s second tallest building (only behind 828 metres tall Burj Khalifa, Dubai). When completed, the Shanghai Tower will join the Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center to form the world’s first adjacent grouping of three supertall buildings. Three supertalls in one area alone plus the Oriental Pearl Tower nearby too. Awesome!


Shanghai Tower will consists of 12 floors of Class-A office space, retail, a luxury hotel and cultural venues. The uppermost floors will feature the world’s highest non-enclosed observation deck which will then surely offers wonderful panoramic views of the city while making things on the ground level appear as tiny as an insect. The luxury hotel in the tower will be called Jin Jiang Hotel and is located between the 84th and 110th floors, which will then also be the tallest hotel in the world at the time of its completion. The tower will also hold records for the fastest single-deck and double-deck elevators, as well as world’s furthest-travelling single elevator at 578.5 metres, surpassing record held by Burj Khalifa.


Besides than its awesome height that could easily pierce the clouds (I think so)- (from the image above, you can see even the tower’s shadow crosses over  the river to the other side of the city too, proving its impressive height), it is also the tower’s smooth flowing design that caught my interest. Well, Chinese symbolism regards it as a dragon twisting and flying to the sky. Hmm…a blue dragon then. Its’ double layer glass concept is also interesting and is already visible in one of the images shown in this post. Now, after looking at those beautiful images of the tower, I felt like I couldn’t wait any longer to visit the city soon so that I could be there on my own and enjoy looking and visiting the tower once it is completed and opened to public. Shanghai Tower has now been one of my most favourite skyscrapers in recent years.

(All images in this post are from skyscrapercity forum website pages discussing on this particular tower.)


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