Malaysia made a mark on several international stages recently.

We are disappointed over last weekend’s badminton match between Chong Wei and Lin Dan where the former lost out again in the world championship title of the year. However, if we look at a positive side, at least, Malaysia still has a flag flying high in the stadium, with Chong Wei being crowned silver in men single. He had contributed to his best but his injury couldn’t let him go further. Despite losing in the much anticipated final of Guangzhou 2013 World Badminton Championship, he made headlines even on China’s local news too that regarded him as a hero on court. He certainly made the country and all of us proud!


On the other hand, Nicol David won a gold medal for Malaysia in Cali 2013 World Games that concluded early this month. The only gold for Malaysia in the international sporting event which features sports that are not contested in Olympic Games.


Few days ago, I saw another great news for Malaysia in beauty pageant contest. Mrs Malaysia 2013, Carol Lee participated in Mrs Universe 2013 alongside with 29 other contestants from all around the world. Eventually, she is crowned Mrs Universe 2013, becoming the first Malaysian and also the first Asian to win the title. She also received Mrs Popularity Award on the night of the competition held on 11th August 2013 at Aruba Resort, Caribbean. Congratulation to the 39-year old Carol Lee.

mrs Universe carol lee front

Well, many would have known the first two events I mentioned here since both made headlines in our local news. There is one more. This I believed not many people would know but it’s worth sharing it out. That’s another accomplishment by Malaysians, this one in hip hop dance competition. A Malaysian team named Elecoldxshot won bronze (third place) in adult (above 18) category in 2013 World Hip-Hop Dance Championship Finals which is held on 11th August 2013 too. The competition witnessed by over 9000 audiences involved participants from 43 countries.

Congratulation to Elecoldxshot! They first started out as a champion in our local street dance competition held annually called Battleground several years ago. From that time onwards, I already saw great potential in them. They seriously have awesome talents and creativity in their dance moves. I’m glad that they made it this far (to international level). I saw a video of their performance in the competition and I was totally impressed! Hmm…I’m sharing the clip below here:

Last but not least, there is one name I wish to highlight here before I end this post. James Wan. Know who he is? He is the director of many famous films particularly horror movies like ‘Insidious’, ‘Saw’, and the most recently ‘The Conjuring’ that received highly positive reviews from worldwide audiences. And he is a Malaysian! He was born in Kuching, Sarawak but is now an Australian citizen. I remembered I had written a blog post regarding this young talented director not long ago. He will be directing the next 7th instalment of ‘Fast and Furious’ too. He is on track to become one of the most successful Hollywood directors!


Congratulations to all of them whom have made Malaysia proud on this month alone! Awesome! Ahhhh, I wish in one day soon in future, I would be one of those that made the country proud too by achieving something great and remarkable!

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web).



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