Lee Chong Wei; no fate to world’s badminton title once again.

Ahh….I was on my flight back to KL from Cambodia when the men single match of Guangzhou 2013 World Badminton Championship was taking place yesterday. And so unfortunately, I missed the showdown between Lin Dan from China and Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia, whom are both no doubt the strongest men single badminton players of current era. All Malaysians are throwing their immense support to Chong Wei, hoping for his first ever victory in world title. Once I settled down, I immediately checked my phone for the result, and I was disappointed once again.


(Image source: http://www.thestar.com.my/~/media/Images/TSOL/Photos-Gallery/Nation/2013/08/11/combo.ashx?w=620&h=413&crop=1&)

Lin Dan won the match, claiming his fifth ever world title which is an achievement no other players have attempted before in the history of the sports. Due to his inactive participation in recent tournaments that led to his world ranking dropped out of the minimum requirement (he is now ranked 286), he managed to get himself a controversial ‘wildcard’ ticket to enter the championship this year due to the advantage of the competition this year being held in China, his home ground. Well, that granted world badminton fans a chance to witness excellent performance in the men single match to battle all out with Chong Wei.


(Image source: http://www.thestar.com.my/~/media/Images/TSOL/Photos-Gallery/Nation/2013/08/11/combo.ashx?w=620&h=413&crop=1&)

It’s really sad and pity that Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan once again after many attempts in previous years. Yes, again for many times, especially in major tournaments where Lin Dan will only participate in. No matter how many small tournaments Chong Wei had won that secured his world ranking as world number one player, he still couldn’t manage to get on top of his career when Lin Dan is in the picture. Everyone knew he tried his best and I truly appreciate what he had done for making Malaysia proud this far. He won the first game, but eventually losing out the second and finally retiring after cramp injury when the rubber game is nearing its end (when Lin Dan definitely leading by several points). He was then immediately brought to the hospital. Chong Wei seriously has no fate to major titles like Olympics gold, and this world championship.

News reported that the sudden turning off of the air-conditioning in the stadium might have affected his performance and left him in hot atmosphere and difficulty in breathing especially during such intense play that took over 1 hour 30 minutes. Cramp injury on his leg eventually left him with no choice but to withdraw. Anyway, both still delivered astonishing sportsmanship after the tough and tiring day. Congratulations to Lin Dan! You have proven again that you are still strong despite not playing for quite some time. And a big thank you to Lee Chong Wei for have bringing the best from you despite losing. Losing is part of success. Get enough rest, spend time with family, then go for training back again, and prepare to be much stronger on future world championships and Rio 2016 Olympic Games! All the best!


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